Touring Honolulu’s Hooker Streets, First Video Guided Tour

You will see me being careful to explain what I am doing downtown at midnight with camera on phone filming. Why not a hidden camera? I’m just starting out and preliminarily I want to be transparent. Also, it’s interesting that the guy is so caught up in the interaction he doesn’t notice the phone I am holding up. Notice I am being careful to explain the writing project in case he is an undercover officer. In the short clip you will see the prominent 👮‍♀️ police presence. Like any good salesperson I keep talking as long as he is willing to listen. I’m gratified that I can show you the procedure is exactly as I described.

I ended up getting the tide September 2020. The guy was in construction business and fixed a lock for me. You know times have changed when a woman goes to downtown Honolulu and meets a guy and she pays him for services rendered lol. Lol! Honolulu is such a small place we did in fact have mutual acquaintances.

An ex-sex worker looks back at how it felt to head for a “date” with a client

A look back at life as a call girl
Listen to the words as a brief story of a sex worker is read aloud. Find out how it felt to head to a “date” and see people look at you knowingly. The way the smirk…Yhe way the cab driver asks you what hotel you’re going to before you say a word. He is right, you are headed to a hotel, but it would be nice if he pretended not to know. But people do know. Why? Bc you’re alone and kinda dressed up by Hawaii’s easy going standards? Bc you’re black? Or is it some undefinable X factor that tells people what you’re all about. Not just the people you want to know bc they will give you money…But everyone who looks in your direction. You hate them all, those lucky people who begin and end their evenings with the same person bc they can sustain relationships unlike some people. Unlike you. You know you’re lucky to have even temporary company. The adventure of meeting new people has its appeal and you could have had fun, If only you weren’t on your way to have sex with a stranger. And if you didn’t fell the contempt radiating from the people who notice you get in the elevator without a hotel room card-key bc you’re hoping someone will let you off on the correct floor. People, well, only the men, will help you gain entree to a hotel floor by sidestepping the security measure that only allows people with cards to insert to press elevator buttons. Non-guests can’t get out of the lobby without an escort or the kindness of strangers. But in truth the polite strangers are not motivated by kindness as much as they are motivated to be a bit player in a story they can share with guy friends. “I let the girls ride up with me!” is what they are sure to say when recounting their vacations. They push the button for the floor you request but you feel their vibe in the enclosed space. Lust,superiority, derision, curiosity—you feel their mood as if it’s palpable, solid enough to hold in your hands. The concept of you as some sort of “other,” certainly not part of “us,” will be shared by many others long after these days are over; that palpable mood is more real than even you knew at the time. You look at the elevator doors like every other person on the elevator, but still you see. The dismissive shake of their heads. And that hated smirk. When it comes to “us” and “them” you are always them.

Black people aren’t dying bc we are too involved with guns, but bc we are not involved w/ FANG’s

Black people aren’t dying bc we are too involved with guns, but bc we are not involved w/ FANG’s

Black people aren’t dying bc we are too involved with guns, but bc we are not involved w/ FANG’s

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Black people aren’t dying bc we are too involved with guns, but bc we are not involved w/ FANG’s

I am talking about Proximate Cause of Death

When someone aims at a person and shoots the person dead, the bullet wound is the proximate cause of death. But what if people are on a shooting range and the barriers designed to keep the bullets within a safe area are too low, then things change. If a person is shot to death bc of inadequate safety measures the bullet wound becomes the cause in fact and the inadequacy of safety measures is the proximate cause of death. Proximate cause is what’s really going on, when a situation is examined and underlying issues come to light.

What’s really going on in places like Chicago

When I hear “inner city violence” on the news I’ve come to understand that this is the media’s way of saying people who look like me and who are poor, are killing each other with guns. When I was young I never thought of guns as a black thing bc it was not my thing and of course, I am the standard by which we can judge the world. As the narcissism inherent in youth gives way to the adult knowledge that I am not the center of the universe, I was still left with the certain knowledge that income levels are inextricably bound in the decisions yo turn to gang violence to get ahead. That’s nothing new. But here’s my new idea:

The #1 problem we have as black Americans is we have no tradition of investing as an integral part of personal finance. My actionable idea is for every black student to learn about FANG and how to implement this knowledge to change their lives.

Caroleena with a proposal for universal curriculum in secondary education

Follow the top 1%

Anyone in the top 1% knows about FANG and they know a lot more about investing than that. People don’t get rich from working and they certainly don’t get rich from the conspicuous consumption advocated by pop culture. They get rich and more importantly they stay rich, through investing and creating an inter generational tradition of money management that keeps wealth concentrated in the hands of the few. I am sure I am right bc I have never, not once, heard a wealthy person propose teaching the poor about investing. And I know that they know.

The beauty of experiencing Harvard and the street

I have had a chance to see what successful people and unsuccessful people do. I am speaking for and to the poor, like me. But I am different from many poor people from my first hand knowledge of the forces greater than individual effort that shape lives. What we must do is start figuring in to the local, national, global economy. And it will start with the study of FANG. I’ll bet any amount of money that anyone who immediately knows what I’m talking about is successful already

Let me know how it goes.

Touring Honolulu’s Hooker Streets, First Video Guided Tour

Touring Honolulu’s Hooker Streets, First Video Guided Tour

Touring Honolulu’s Hooker Streets, First Video Guided Tour

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19 Face Mask Mistakes| Eat This Not That

Follow this expert advice to avoid making the most common mistakes when wearing face masks.
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Giving you the relevant information from an experienced and honest point of view

An ex-sex worker knows criticism, this link gives advice: 5 Easy Steps to Accept Criticism

Written by Dr. Eric Perry, PhD “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain, but it takes character and self-control to be understanding and …

5 Easy Steps to Accept Criticism

One Revelation

Sometimes we think we know something but we really don’t get it. We “know” life’s unfair but we are still offended, even surprised, by injustice—for example. I “knew” no one is perfect but until zi got it deep in my soul that it is truly ok to have flaws, I was devastated by criticism. I always defended myself. I thought criticism displayed flaws that separated me from people. In truth flaws show you’re one of the humans and it is no biggie if people point them out. Critics have their own flaws I could just as easily highlight

The way Hawaii cops see me makes me want to riot

September 12, 2020

In Hawaii🌺 whenever a person calls the police the police “run the name,” or check to see if the caller has a police record. It doesn’t matter that my solicitation charge was 15 years ago. Once the cops see me as a sex worker💋I cannot count on them to help me. Add to the mix my race and my outsider status (because I am not from here) and the police cannot even fake professionalism. The way they look at me infuriates me. But it does not surprise. This is what happened today⤵️

The Real Police Are Superior Humans

It makes me angry when losers who scammed their way into a respectable profession put in a uniform and give everyone a bad name. On this day 29 years ago I was marveling at how almost everyone was running away from the World Trade Center while the police and other first responders were running, yes running, towards the disaster. They had to know not all of them would make it out, but they gave their lives for strangers. The Apostle Paul wrote while we were yet enemies, Christ died for our sins. I was privileged to see the love of Jesus in action through the NYPD. I have nothing but respect for those people. Let me be clear about my attitude towards people who do I job I am incapable of doing, and who are the only people in my life who will come help me if I call.

The former Honolulu Chief of Police 👮 Awaits Sentencing

Lots of federal charges. His wife was the head prosecutor (true story) and she too awaits sentencing on even more charges they racked up while in service to the people of Honolulu. Drugs, theft, fraud, elder abuse misappropriation of funds, a looong list. Many more charges than the majority of women I met in prison when I was there for possessing a single pill. It’s little wonder that this type of leadership produced the clown that showed up at my place an hour ago. I noticed broken glass that indicated a break in. I knew I had to make a police report or people would say, it couldn’t have been a big deal if you didn’t call the police. I dreaded the unprofessional attitude of the officers who typically show up when I’ve called. I have two assaults by two different neighbors on video, and neither person was arrested. The cops thought it was funny. That’s why I dreaded calling HPD today. I knew they’d communicate their standard message to me: you don’t matter.

Experienced Jerks Know How to Disrespect the Public w/o getting in trouble

Two officers responded to take my report. One was young, enthusiastic. He actually looked at the jealousie window I know was a replacement for the one that had been broken. You see, I had the windows secured so the only way to get in was to break the window. I come home to a pile of glass shards and a different window. It takes less than five minutes to insert one of the glass slats known as jalousies. The second so-called cop was dismissive, and what infuriated me was the casual way he leaned on his elbows against the railing, never moving until he walked off without saying anything to the other officer. His body position is not something that could convincingly be communicated to others. People would say it is a matter of opinion. He had found a way to be a total douche without the public really being able to replicate what he did. The only things he said was he saw no evidence the glass came from my window. I said since he never looked at it , how could he. I asked if they could at least do fingerprints. His response was Forensic Files was a show for tv that bore no resemblance to actual police work. When he walked off I told the young one not to follow the example of indifference and disrespect. The young one will be lost if his training days are spent with that total douche. Even now I am frustrated bc nothing I wrote seems unreasonable on the cop’s part. I simply cannot translate his slouch into words to explain why I’m so furious. Maybe I am overly bitter about a lifetime of being nothing much in the eyes of people who see my little brown face and make their assumptions.

One thing I am sure of is that the older cop was nowhere near the level of the NYPD 19 years ago. This guy, casually leaning back on his elbows, would never have run back into those buildings. I wish people would make the distinction between the guys behind police brutality and police indifference, and genuine officers who rise to be heroes when that’s what’s needed.

Is self condemnation the key 🔑 to progess

I disagree with the idea that you should be ashamed of where you’ve been. Certainly, it might be true that you’d be reasonable to cringe when remembering your recent stress. I am familiar with being embarrassed about where I have been. No one judges me more harshly than I do. However I want to try being kinder to myself by not condemning the old me. After all the past me is not really gone but continued. Why tell myself “you were such an idiot Caroleena!” I could use the reminiscence to praise my progress.

I love the kitty cat

You’ve heard of copy cats? Notice the curve of the cat, Hank. How his body is shaped like mine and he has a hand on his forehead and an arm outstretched, just like his mom. And you know you can’t bribe a cat or blackmail a cat into doing anything. That was the cat’s decision to emulate me.

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