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What is expertescort2018.com

Someone said this site is confusing so I figured I’d add a purpose section to explain what’s going on here with these words from a former sex worker who is also a graduate of an Ivy League University.

The Purpose

This site is for people who want to see what it is like to be part of a subculture that exists almost out of sight from the mainstream, and that is the world of the drug user. When a person starts using drugs he or she does not imagine drugs will take over. The take over will be so complete that people don’t use drugs as much as drugs use people. In the words of Narcotics Anonymous everyone’s focus becomes about getting drugs, using drugs, and finding ways and means to get more. The drugs are intoxicating but so is the feeling of being part of a secret world that a person never knew was there all along! The singleness of purpose has predictable results the new convert cannot imagine happening to him. Obviously many others don’t keep jobs and end up turning to theft or prostitution or selling drugs themselves. These activities inevitably result in arrest because no one can be perfect all the time and one mistake will get a person caught. The new recruit had always held certain beliefs about this kind of person, and like everyone else who is prejudiced against people she has never met, it’s extraordinary to find out that people differ from perceptions.

New People

There were people to meet that a person never would have given the time of day to before, but now! Conversations reveal that these people, who do this thing, they are very relatable. No family, no friends, abused, abandoned, perhaps once successful but now, homeless. The new user would never have spoken to a street person before, would never have imagined such a thing to be possible much less, desirable. But when you’re looking for drugs you come to a point where you do not care what you do or who you’re with. Even racism goes out the window if you need someone to get high. In an effort to find a safe place to use drugs you end up in places that were once unknown, like Single Room Occupancy (SRO) buildings, where each tenant has a tiny room and the entire floor shares a filthy bathroom in the hallway. The new recruit is not only excited but also appalled. The once inconceivable was becoming familiar and with a little more time, the once inconceivable becomes humdrum.

The Things You End Up Doing

It is understandable why sex and drugs would be paired together (I’m not sure about rock and roll). Sex and drugs are inextricably linked. Drugs make men , though not women, desire sex with strangers. Women, and men who take on the role of female in this context, use sex to get drugs. In spite of her best intentions to be different, addicted women do lose their jobs, their homes, and turn to the one resource they have to make money—their bodies. It does not take women long to learn that men who use drugs want sex and have no intention of sharing their dope. Sex with users to achieve a desired end is a waste of time. Women must branch out and ply their trade elsewhere.

Waikiki Working Girls

In the year 2000 in Honolulu there were two areas where men could find working girls right in the street like a farmers market. There was Waikiki, but not on the main drag with the most expensive hotels and shops, Kalakaua Avenue. In Waikiki the hookers were on the next street over from the beach, Kuhio Avenue, which ran parallel to Kalakaua. What a difference a block made. The hookers walked up and down in their glassine heels that were made to look like fish were swimming within the heels. These women were under the watchful eyes of pimps, who were black just like the stereotype. The pimps watched to make sure their girls worked from sun down to sun up and they were their to keep other pimps away from their girls. Most importantly, the pimps were waiting for their women to return with the $200 for each date, every penny. These women ordinarily did not do drugs besides weed. They had a reputation for giving rushed service because they had obligations to meet. Blacks and whites are both numerical minorities in Hawaii which is mostly Polynesian and Asian. But on Kuhio Avenue the women were black and white and only there for a few weeks before their group headed back to the mainland and another major metropolitan area with a public street serving as a “ho stroll.”

Downtown Hookers

The working girls downtown were very different. They were permanent residents and every one was addicted to ice, crack, heroin, or alcohol in some combination. They did not look nearly as good as the Waikiki girls but they were a whole lot less expensive. The minimum they needed to get dope was $20 and although they’d deny it if asked, they’d do $20 dates in the car. In downtown many of the “girls” are really boys dressed as girls but not trying to pass for women because there’s a huge demand for men who look like women but are obviously me. They are called “mahu’s” (pronounced MA-who) and I apologize if there’s a new PC term I don’t yet know. Anyway, if you let the sex workers get high they weren’t in a hurry to go anywhere. It was surprising how many men would bring the women home, but it was quite common. Some got off the street, some disappeared, some had been out there since the 90’’s. In Waikiki the men were mostly tourists. In downtown the men were residents from all over the island from rich to just rich enough to spare $20. Everyone’s a resident and long term friendships with “regulars” is standard.

These Stories Deserve Excellent Writing

If you’re like me you’ve noticed that if a site is about sex the quality of the writing is poor and they rely heavily on dirty words to maintain interest. Not this site. Caroleena, the author, was downtown in the year 200, before guys found women online and the street was where the money was made. As an Ivy League grad Caroleena has the skills to compile her stories and put them together in an organized, well written fashion. The readers are people interested in this alternative lifestyle without having to live it. As you scroll down the screen you will see stories and links to stories about the life. You will also find stories that include hidden recordings that feature the words of people who had also been there. There are also writings about current events, which today is October 2020, and these are events seen through the eyes of a scholar who’d been an addicted sex worker in 2000.

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Lonely? Prostitution Eases Lonliness

Follow the link above to one of the most popular articles of all time.

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I’m Glad George Floyd Was Not a Sexy Victim

He wasn’t one of the “good” ones

Do you remember the black Harvard professor who was surprised when the police rushed to his home. The neighbor reported a black man entering the home. Media outlets wrote about the unfortunate distance between people in our society. We don’t even know our neighbors! But underneath the head shaking was a subtext—a Harvard professor did not deserve such treatment. He was one of the good ones! If he had been a different sort of black person, well, the neighbor’s concern would have been understandable. I just hate it when an argument is made to end racism by presenting the resume of the worthy black person who had been wronged as if this one had earned something others had as a birth right.

George Floyd did not have much of a resume. Any argument about treating him right would not be won on the merits of what he had earned but on what he deserved simply as a member of the human race. I like that argument so much better. Everyone will have different standards about what a Black person has to do to earn the right to be considered human. Recognition of humanity as an unquestionable given puts us all on much firmer footing. I wonder if I would feel this way if I had not ruined my own claim to being one of the good ones? Would I have compassion if I didn’t need compassion. We will never know but my money would be on my long-standing arrogance. Only when I became everything that I once disdained did I develop a feeling of inclusivity for everyone.




No, I have never been with a woman. For real!

People are astounded that I have no girl on girl experiences to share—from my life

When I was growing up, and I guess even now, heterosexual identity was the automatic default. Everyone is assumed to be straight until they “come out,” a major life event no matter how friends and family receive the news. But when people find out you used to be a sex worker they just assume you have done it all, or you would. Add to that assumption another another assumption—that women’s prison is like a porn movie minus the feather pillow fights in nighties.—and no longer am I assumed to be straight unless I say otherwise. people think my experiences have been out of bounds.

The Truth

The women I know would agree with me when I say we were always trying to get out of there as fast as possible to get the next high. We did that work because it was readily available, required no start up money, no experience or training was necessary, and most importantly, on the street you could go from broke to having a tax free hundred dollar bill in 30 minutes. And let’s face it, those of us in the grip of addiction could not take much more time than that away from the dope unless looking for it took a really long time. We were not sex fiends. We hadn’t necessarily been molested as kids (I speak for myself). Street sex work was the path to the dope that worked best for us. Take away the need for dope and you take away the desperate motivation to do things we did not want to do. Sorry if I ruin male fantasies but when we were together there were no orgies. It was always about getting high. And we certainly did not do volunteer work in jobs we disliked. Recreational sex for free? Unheard of, among these working girls who were like anyone who hated their jobs. In the 70’s there was a song, “Take this job and shove it.” That song perfectly captured the sentiment of women whose highest aspiration at that time in life was free dope.

Women who liked men still wanted to be around men but with one requirement

What is common among addiction driven street sex workers is an actual aversion to sex. Interestingly the aversion does not propel women into lesbianism if they weren’t predisposed to be lesbians. Women still enjoyed being around men, they just came to dislike men in their sexual states. Therefore many women had a way of forming relationships with men who were not inclined to touch. These working girls formed non sexual partnerships with men who can’t have sex or prefer other men. After all, It’s nice to come home and not have to work. Again , no same sex feather pillow fights with lots of pretty women in nighties. Just a bunch of women who (often) want to be left alone already.

A TV Clue Parents Dislike Time W/ Kids

A good kid is an unconscious kid

As I watched a commercial for “Happy Nappers” which is a froo-froo sleeping bag sporting a vague picture of an animal that looks like it was drawn by a talented 5 year old. The selling point? Your kid will sleep longer, deeper and more easily with this product. Same with “Star Belly Dream Light.” Your kids are out of your hair! Buy this product! These companies know where the money is. How depressing.

Enablers use the addict as much as the addict uses the enablers

Enablers are people who do not engage in a harmful behavior but they make it possible for the people they “love” to do so. They will pay their daughter’s rent when she spends the money on crack. They will cover their son’s child support payments when his drinking makes employment impossible. You get the idea. They know what their money supports and they claim they don’t want their kids (or whoever) to be addicted. We have all probably seen someone who appears to be victimized by demanding relatives, friends, significant others who won’t stop bullying them until they get what they want. The pity you felt? That’s what the enabler wanted you to feel. They want you to be the public victims there are other characteristics I’ve seen that are common to enablers.

Enablers feel guilty

Something happened in the relationship that was their fault, like a mother who stayed with a man who abused her son. Now the son says the abuse led to his addiction. Mom let’s the son tangeelazarus@live.com at home. Or, the person provided money in the beginning of the relationship for drugs and now the person has a heroin habit. Are they really going to cut the person off and let them suffer, I mean hard core physical suffering, for 3 days? Of course not. The enabler feels like there is no choice.

Enablers are Resentful

Enablers are angry at the person whose very existence is a reminder of their guilt. They keep giving whatever is needed, secretly enjoying the destruction of the person they say they are helping.

Enablers are Controlling

Where else are you going to find someone who pays for your addiction. The recipient of the largesse has no choice but to stay within the sphere of the enablers control.

Enablers are possessive

I watched a show about people over 600 pounds who were so overweight they were bedridden. They needed people to bring them the huge amount of food necessary to maintain that weight. You can’t be that fat without an enabler. The enabler is aware of the undesirable state the of the other person. That’s what they want. They want to foster that dependence and decrease the chance that anyone else will want them. The enabler’s position as the irreplaceable one is secure. That person is, quite literally not going anywhere else.

The classic enabler

The enabler is a person who sees themselves as victimized for their kindness and they’d like others to see their self sacrificing ways. In truth enablers have a tangeelazarus@live.com/hate relationship with the person they support. They feel guilt over hurting the person and they want to punish the person for causing them pain. As much as the other person’s existence serves as a painful reminder of their failings, they can’t bear the thought of losing that person so they make the person so unattractive to others and so dependent upon them that the person cannot leave. Then the enabler feels guilty and the endless cycle resumes.

Enablers lack self awareness

Some enablers have insight into their own complex motives but many truly believe they are just being nice. The addict is addicted to the substance and the enabler is addicted to controlling the addict. That’s why they say addiction is a family problem.

See Link: A Man Tells Women That Women Ask to be Mistreated by Doing THIS


Ladies, there is a path that does not lead to happily ever after–and the dead end path begins with the words “I am not ready for a commitment,” and you walk down the bumpy toad by overriding his objections to commuting to you. The name of that dead end road is “I know I can change him” Lane.

Sisters, if you are interacting with a man and he does not make a move on you and you want him to, the relationship expert in the above link says forget him. If a man does not initiate a COMMITTED romantic relationship, he does not want that from you. Do not think you can win him over by propositioning him. Do not make the first move on him bc by doing so you are freely offering yourself. Remember ladies: you are the prize. Prizes are won, not offered

Ladies you are volunteering to be mistreated when you hear him say he does not want a commitment but you do not listen. He will cheat. He will lie. And he won’t feel bad bc he told you what time it was. Do not, I repeat, do not, try to change the terms of the relationship as time goes on. A man knows what he wants and if he says it is not you, believe him. These words sound harsh but they are nothing compared to the words guys use with each other about the women from whom they don’t want commitments.

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