Harvard ex-Hooker gives you interactive stories of addiction fueled Honolulu streetwalking in the year 2000.

img_15475540000263996573480093136898.jpgI can tell you what happened to me. I have 20 years of experience with addictions so I have enough stories for a new tale every day for the rest of my life. I can tell the tales well because I graduated with high honors (magna cum laude,) from an Uber prestigious ivy league University. I hope you read my stories of the outcast worded in the language of the elite and see someone you might have once ignored as human. I hope you find answers because you can relate to the experiences. I know you will be entertained. I never wanted to be in this club but now that i am here I’ll describe the journey and see if we can’t laugh some along the way.
pop-art-of-a-sexy-girl-holding-vector-16721509The news is out. Addiction has done what years of civil rights advocacy could not: created a form of equality never before seen in the United States and certainly never desired. As 120 or do people die from drug related deaths every day, the survivors and the people they affect are forming a new population cohort. I call this group ‘People Impacted by Addiction.’ Addiction is not the result of stupidity, weakness or immorality. It’s the result from exposure to the substance. Big Tobacco is not the only business to profit from slinging death. Pharmaceutical companies joined the fun. Street drugs picked up where pills left off. Prison, prostitution, foster care, blood Bourne pathogens—a long list of ills once thought to inflict the unseen other has affected, yes it must be said, even white people too. And a society that criminalizes addiction and shoves ex offenders outside of  society. When millions can’t get jobs due to their past, we will need to deal with addicts in a new way. I have some ideas about how we got here and what we can do next. You’re really going to enjoy the lessons I have to share bc educational stories from a former prostitute are ways to make learning fun

photolab_app__img_20190115_0142092852188690556709818.jpgSummation: Story-teller Caroleena, genius ex-streetwalker turned sex talker, recounts her journey from the elite ivy league to life as a low to mid level hooker on the grimy streets of downtown Honolulu in the early 21st century. Her first person account is told through interactive anecdotal sex industry history this is the first time someone who knows how to sell it and who is uniquely qualified to tell it, shares anecdotes for the good as posts in her blog. The author is not always politically correct while employing cringing honesty about hot button topics like unconventional sex practices, gender identity, race, and politics. Readers have unparalleled access to Caroleena who is available to respond to questions and write suggested topics. Caroleena uses the language of society’s elite to tell the stories of an outcast understandable to an audience who never thought to care about a streetwalker.  What’s in it for the reader who expands his horizons by enjoying the words of a pariah he had previously ignored?  Heretofore untold tales of intimacies show the reader that he is not alone in his secret desires, insecurities, and fetishes and he finds comforting answers to personal questions he never dared to ask. For the first time someone who knows how to sell it and who is uniquely qualified to tell it, breaks needless social customs that demand silence from certain people about certain issues. Read this sex industry history and find out why you’ll say “She’s a hooker, but she is me.”

camart1545402929347X-Streetwalker Turned Sex talker

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