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The Educated Inmate

That is one eye catching title. From Harvard t I Handcuffs is another. Five been accepted as a contributor on, a site featuring people who write about stuff they know, often in response to questions. What I have learned from the stats is that people are not looking for me to uplift them. People have no faith in my knowledge about relationships. People are only mildly interested in my experiences with addiction. But thousands are very much interested in my time in the women’s jail and prison in Honolulu. This incarceration setting is ethnically diverse with different types of Asians and Polynesians. Whites are a minority, blacks an even smaller minority. Almost everyone was in drugs. People were in for having drugs or trying to get drugs usually by shoplifting, stealing credit cards and checks, burglarizing houses, stealing cars. There were a couple of women who had killed their boyfriends, one had been abusive, the other had made the ill fated decision to tell her he was going with another woman. There were three women who had killed their babies. One had had post partum psychosis and cut the infant’s throat. One had kicked her step daughter took hard in the stomach. One particularly pretty and arrogant woman had done nothing the state could prove but the bruised toddler had died and as the mother she should have known why–that is

Myth: Thieves always do THIS. This Harvard grad from Honolulu’s streets has wisdom YOU need

People think they can spot a thief

I have heard people say that because someone is worried about theft that person must be a thief. It is believed that orientation toward safety indicates theft is on a person’s mind. Ergo, they steal.

Why would you be worried about people stealing from you unless you are a thief?

The Improper conclusion people reach when they notice someone’s anti-theft precautions.

People who worry about theft have had experience with it, either directly or by proxy, by which I mean they watch from the sidelines as the “boosters” shoplift then sell their items to the gamblers who play cards in large, ethnically homogenous, outdoor groups. But knowing about theft does not a thief make. People become concerned about theft in three other ways:

  • They are generally well informed.
  • They have been victims of theft.
  • They have been falsely accused.

I know about being falsely accused There are too many stores here in Honolulu where people the professional thieves call “floor walkers,” follow me around. It is creepy and infuriating to watch people watching me for no discernible reason. I guess they are racial profiling. I do not steal. But it is my understanding that people believe that if you look like me, you will steal. That is how theft comes to my attention when I would not have thought about it otherwise. I get so frustrated with that helpless feeling that comes with the knowledge that people have the wrong idea and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, I can do about it. I will be honest, people judge me as someone from the streets and I feel like yelling, “I went to Harvard!” But then what would I follow that with–I could have been successful! I might still be successful! I am not a thief. I was a hooker. People gave me money. I never had to take it, and they never wanted it back.” All true. But the truth does not prove another truth. How is that for frustrating? Breaking the law in a particularly unacceptable way does nothing for my credibility. But if you think about it, I have a point when I say I never stole. Don’t I?

Why is it so unhelpful to assert that I was not a thief but a sex worker?

Please do not jump to conclusions. Assumptions can be hurtful. Traumatic, truth be told. More importantly for the person seeking to apply knowledge, assumptions leave you vulnerable to the real risks. I am not a threat, to your stuff or anything else.

Who pays for sex–sad sacks or sickos? Neither and both

Preconceived notions about clientele.

Can a person cheat on a partner s/he loves? Of course!

My response deals with the men I knew or knew about

Lessons from Harvard to Handcuffs is yours truly, Caroleena, lending her sought after wisdom to Quora. The link above will take you to topics straight out of Hawaii Street Life

Harvard, Hawaii, and Handcuffs could be a new blog title

Eye catching title

I did not know how important it is to have a fully informative title that draws people into your writing in no more than 3 seconds. If it takes 3 to 5 seconds to engage readers they will not become readers but will remain potentials. To achieve my goal I have experimented with ways of sharing my experiences that began as a student at Harvard and took an unexpected turn into the addicted back streets of Hawaii. Sometimes the road not taken is not taken for good reason! Nevertheless I have stories that will explain my journey from the elite to the street. How is this for a title: Harvard to Hawaii to Handcuffs.

What do you think? I am using it on Quorum where I contribute what I have learned about incarceration and Hawaii Street Life and I got 7500 views in a week! Wow! I am trying to balance this site with Quora. Just so you know what is up.

Size mattered in the most absurd way

This is my Quora contribution. In one week I have had thousands read my words on topics I cover on this site! My dream of monetizing my site no longer seems far fetched. I just need the right platform.

You do not know what you will say before you say it, one amazing truth

Regular wisdom for everyday people comes from an unlikely source–a brilliant woman on Honolulu’s addicted downtown streets who has convinced herself she is in the area doing research. Check the link to find out what you never knew you wanted to know! From someone you never imagined had any wisdom for you. Follow the link and when you feel surprised know that your preconceived notions are being confronted!

You do not know what you will say before you say it, one amazing truth

Quora Link for Self Improvement

Answer to How can some people be okay with how they treat people? by Caroleena Renee

As a person who spent a lot of time as a member of groups people viewed with disdain, I tried to console myself with notions of superiority. I used my words to put others down and convince myself I should do this BC they deserved it. I changed my ways by changing my speech. Are you ever worried that you might be the one mistreating people and you do not know it? Here’s a method to keep your thought life appropriate for the kind person you are or will become. There are people towards whom you feel annoyance or disdain. Do you want to be nicer to them? Always use a person’s name, if you know it. One way FBI profilers pick the culprit out of a group of suspects is, they listen for the person who refers to the missing wife as “she” or “her” and the missing kids as “them.” Seemingly innocent statements made during media interviews are quite revealing when you hear the repetition. Words said during the statement like, “I miss them” and “I want her back” are obvious clues that really did point to the guilty part. You can apply this seemingly irrelevant data to your own ways. Once you know what to watch for in your speech you will be amazed at the words you speak without knowing what you are about to say. That’s why we have to listen to ourselves. We are always surprised by what we say and by our own lack of info beforehand. It’s like one part of the brain knows what you are about to say while the rest of you waits to find out what it us. You can never be as kind as you want unless you pay attention to yourself and reflect on your words later. Try it!

My Quora Contribution as an expert in addiction!

Answer to How could you get rid of the void after quitting a bad habit? by Caroleena Renee

Quora Link

Working girls fit into Male fantasy of model woman

Married men who rendezvous with girlfriends, hookers, and friends-with- benefits often want the women on their list to be faithful to them. These polygamous men do not contemplate the double standard in a serious way, other than to acknowledge their feelings are illogical, but what’re you gonna do? One working girl expressed to her long term regular client that she wants to find a husband, improbable though it may be. The guy, a married client, told her he wanted a relationship for her bc she deserved it. But he admitted he wanted her to remain single due to his attachment to her. No, this was not the beginning of a speech about how he wanted to start a life with her. Come to think of it, it was more of a speech about how he did not want her to start a life of her own. It is important to note he wanted to keep her to himself all the time but his interactions would only be part time and under cover. When he did not want her, bc he was with one of his other women, he put her on the shelf, available to be taken down at his convenience.

The best course of action for a working girl is to never talk to a client about her other clients. If he says he wants to know it is BC he is framing her time with others as something in which he can take pleasure. Never, ever does a guy want to think of her as with anyone else unless he can see that guy as inferior compared to him and less important to her.

Caroleena, elaborating on the desire of “hobbyists” to be the only guy in their hooker’s life.

Ideal traits of a fantasy woman: attractive to look at, always immediately available, out of sight when he is busy elsewhere, no life outside of pleasing him. Hiring someone gets a guy this dream come true for a minute.

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