Twitter link about speaking to the world asks you a question

The truth is today we can all speak. A better question is if you could listen to anyone for a minute who would it be or what subject would you choose?

Guys say “No Strings Attached” is better for them than prostitution

If you are a rare woman who has overcome her essentially female nature to have sex with someone who cares about you, rave on, embrace NSA. Otherwise don’t do it thinking it might lead to more. You’ve only made yourself non-relationship material. Wow, what past generations said about “reputation” is true.


Men don’t pay hookers for sex they pay them to go away after sex. That’s what an associate of mine said about why men pay for sex when they can get women. They can get women but a woman’s time is not free. It costs a man his time, during which he has to listen to her or fake it. It costs him commitment that required him to limit himself to her or fake it. It costs him a quick escape after sex bc for some reason men leave in a hurry as if fleeing the scene of a crime. Or, he could just compensate her for her time.

For a man it is a victory to convince a woman she is cool to go along with No strings attached, sex on demand. For free. Is that what is meant by the colloquialism “hit it and quit it”? Another acquaintance of mine did a little rhyme to sum up the situation guys find so desirable.

NSA—Beats Pay 4 Play

  • NSA is quite ok
  • I don’t have to pay
  • And I still get to play.
  • No invitation to stay; she goes right away,
  • And I can have a good day,
  • Bc she is gone and has no say.

By an anonymous hobbyist

OUR IMPOSSIBLE STANDARDS: Will Hollywood Icons Topple Like Confederate Statues In Current Cancel Culture?

This article ponders whether some more rememberances of some Hollywood moguls and stars will be destroyed as well.…

Will Hollywood Icons Topple Like Confederate Statues In Current Cancel Culture?

If we judge people by: 1. Today’s standards and 2. Every action or statement attributed to someone over the course of a lifetime we will never be able to respect much less idolize anyone. I would bet that if everyone knew everything about other people and applied no forgiveness or understanding, human contact would cease

It is foolish to admire someone’s acting but deny that skill because of unrelated transgressions. John Wayne was a racist. Now we don’t like his acting. What if racism goes out of fashion and the sin du jour becomes cruelty to animals. We will have to do a whole new investigation. In the end we will discover what we already know. Everyone qualifies to be stoned but no one is qualified to throw the stones. (In case you’re wondering, I think Pete Rose should be in the baseball hall of fame if his athleticism qualified him. Gambling did not take away the past.

Why do we hold people to standards we could never meet? If all the different people with their competing values the truth of all of your opinions over a lifetime would you have supporters?

Caroleena, believer that the Bible is correct to state we all fall short of the glory of God

I AM A GOOD WORLD CITIZEN. Follow MUST SEE VIDEO Link to SENSIBLE COVID NEWS⤵️. What Is Causing the Spike in COVID-19 Cases?

Dr. Jeffrey Barke: Cases are rising, but the fatality rate is dropping. The average age of new cases is 31—fatality is so low for that age group that…

What Is Causing the Spike in COVID-19 Cases?

I can tell this article was written by a woman and now i have misused my escort background

How to bring more of what you want to my escort stories

People want to know how the sex work taught me stuff. They want more than just knowing I did something. GET SPECIFIC ABOUT SEX WORK

I read the article expecting something new and unusual but got the same old stuff. Listen to him, don’t be upset about his sex requests, stop arguing and accusing. I knew all that already. I was bored reading that post.I AM SURE I HAVE BEEN BORING

How I knew the author was a woman

Now I get what guys have been saying. TOO MANY WORDS!

The plan to make this site what I think it should be: Keep it short, shock the readers with my shocking experiences. Always bring the story back to sex work.

Caroleena’s formula to tighten the site

Why men dressed as women look so masculine–to me

Men dressed like women (called mahus in Hawaii, ,look like women dressed by men creating their one dimensional fantasy woman. That’s why they present themselves as sex objects on display for men’s viewing pleasure. It is telling that to men, taking on a female identity often means hypersexuality. They never present themselves according to other female stereotypes. They never go with a doting mother persona. Or a nun. Why not don a Hilary Clinton power suit. I have never seen a man take on the identity of a masculine leaning lesbian. Magus are so aggressive about their sexuality that their over the top presentation is not feminine but in a class all its own. Their presentation seems quite aggressive, in your face, who cares if you do not like it. This aggression is more masculine than feminine. Combine aggression with reducing women to sex objects for the pleasure of men and I cannot help but think of mahus, cross-dressers, and transgender people who behave accordingly as distinctly, especially, male. Ironic

Must See Link: Well Respected Media Outlets Sneakily Push Their Agenda Of Racial Discord–I Am on to you!

Washington Post article, link+title⤵

Remdesivir’s rollout by the Trump administration is angering doctors on the front lines – The Washington Post, July 08, 2020

I don’t appreciate being treated like I am an idiot. The author quotes a doctor bemoaning the lack of access to the drug and how tongue tied he felt when the family of a dying patient asked why this patient did not have access to the drug. The author parenthetically adds that a large percentage of patients at this doctor’s hospital are black and Hispanic.

As I have often said, addiction lies to the sufferer and the person with the addiction lies to himself and those around him. I have learned to detect falsehoods and deception in many different forms. I am an expert on lies, if I do say so myself. Thus Washington Post article reminds me of why I take nothing at face value.

The only facts in the article are that doctors lack facts. It is not known how effective the drug truly is nor is it known how the government redistributing it. The racial composition of the population served by a frustrated doctor is irrelevant. Wait a minute, the article never said black and Hispanic patients are being denied the drug. The author merely puts some sentences near some other sentences. It is never written that race and lack of access are expressly related. If the reader wants to conclude minorities are being excluded, it is not the Washington Post’s fault. The paper presumably bears no responsibility for fueling the fire by creating not reporting the news.

I think the bigger story may be that the article is one big ad for thus drug. I have read about consumer fraud. We are warned to be wary of hints that there is a limited supply of something, that time is running out, and that access is only for the elite. If you don’t get this drug you’re not only sick, you’re also on the lust of society’s untouchables. And there is no clear, convincing evidence of efficacy. But you’ve gotta have it! The company got some sort of emergency dispensation from the FDA, so let the clamoring begin. An article like this could cause ill informed people–almost everyone is clueless– to demand access to the drug for the sake of racial equality. What a crafty commercial disguised as unbiased journalism. I wonder if Washington Post staffers own stock in the company making the medication. Maybe I should invest.

The Truth About Police Dishonesty

Sometimes police need a suspect to see them as friends but that is not always the honest truth. What do they do? They lie. It is a lie to say police do not lie.

The truth about Police officer dishonest: Police are allowed to lie. It is a rule. They are not supposed to threaten suspects with harm of any kind. They are not supposed to bribe suspects. But they can lie. (A fun fact: Prison guards are also allowed to lie as an investigative tactic.) “Witnesses saw you at the scene.” Or “we have your fingerprints.” On one episode of Dateline the police told a suspect, “we talked to your mom and she said she wants you to tell us everything.” Logically it follows that undercover officers do not have to admit they are police If questioned. How such an absurd believe became widespread I will never know!

If you are like me you thought there was an honor code that prohibits dishonesty across the board. There is an honor code. Officers are held to a higher standard than the general public. They are never really off duty. I would speculate that being a police officer is more of a way of life than a job. I am not sure if they are disciplined for unseemly conduct that’s not illegal, like yelling obscenities at passing drivers in a fit of road rage.

Can they use racial slurs? Join hate groups? Official policy probably varies by jurisdiction.

These three roles are never supposed to be played by the same man. Police man. Para-military doomsday survivalist. Klansman

I do know that an officer caught committing a crime is supposed to be punished more severely than a civilian. Assuming, of course, that his law enforcement connections don’t allow him to skirt consequences altogether. I question if it is possible to get to the truth through lies. But, like Pontius Pilate said regarding the prospect of crucifying Jesus over allegations which may or may not be true, what is truth? Maybe there’s no way to find out what really happened unless someone, at the very least, misleads. “Tell us what happened and this will be over.”

The take away, don’t get in trouble assuming the cop means it when he says, “be honest so we can help you” A big time lie!

You’ve never heard addiction explained in this Revolutionary way

Yes, addiction involves dishonesty, selfishness, and destruction of other people’s lives for the sake of a drug so it is only natural for people to assume the mental issue is one of immorality. My theory is that addicts have thought and perception disorders akin to schizophrenia. I was surprised to find people addicted to drugs find my theory offensive and would rather be called “bad” instead of “crazy” but I am advocating analysis of the addicted mind independent of such adjectives. See link for revolutionary theory.

Thwarting Facial Recognition Software: X-Hookr Life Hack #76


Take a selfie and alter it using one of the photo editor apps that changes the background, adds make-up, adds a filter, whatever. You will find that your picture is no longer recognizable as you and to take it further, your edited picture is no longer recognized as a face. Confirm you results by taking your altered picture and present it to a face editing app, not as a continuation of the editing you are in the process of doing, but as a new picture you are editing for the first time. You will see “No Face Detected.” Great for preserving privacy!

Apps I Use

I like Photo Lab, Photo Editor, Adobe to name a few. I often want to return to a picture I have edited when I get a burst of inspiration. It has always annoyed me that once I edit the picture I can no longer get the app to add further features to the face, as a face. A high school acquaintance contacted me on Facebook and said she could not send a picture because she was trying to adopt kids and was worried about people using facial recognition software to detect her face online. It was then that I understood I had stumbled upon a glitch in the system of facial recognition. She converted her picture to a sketch and no longer had to worry about being recognized. It is nice to that see my self-involvement can be used for the good of society.

X-Hookr Life Hacks: World’s Newest Everyday Wisdom from the World’s Oldest Profession, for Everyday People

When you help addicts you never know when one or more will return to rob you

sometimes the people you want to help will come back to literally rob you or betray you in some other way. You must be very careful when dealing with addicts because when you leave yourself vulnerable you can have many scary nights.

Suddenly the lights in apartment blinked off and on 3 times, click on the pic to see why I had good reason to worry.

X-hooker Life Hack #8 If you ever want to stop crying immediately do THIS

It is impossible to cry while exercising. Maybe the endorphins released when we work out make it literally impossible to shed a tear when you get your heart rate up. If you want to erase visible signs of upsetI do a few jumping jacks, March in place. Continuous activity for about a minute is best. I discovered=ed this phenomenon quite by accident when I decided I could have a good cry when I was by myself riding my bicycle only to find I could not cry. Against my will, riding my bike made me feel better.

Sexy Anime +Brief Commentary: One possible result of helping an addict

No Sandwich.

is safe

When you help an addict by allowing him time in your home you may very well discover that while you showered, your chocolate milk was polished off, your strawberry milk was adulterated with plain milk ✅🚹the same way alcoholics add water to booze to hide their drinking and, your bacon, lettuce, and tomato 🍅 sandwich was reduced to white bread and mayo. And the tomato was the one redeeming nutritional concession! Sooo frustrating…especially when you saw him leave with a shopping bag but you don’t remember him carrying one when he came in.

When you help addicts you never know when one or more will return to rob you

Suddenly the lights in apartment blinked off and on 3 times. At about 3:40 a.m. on Friday July 03, 2020. The sequence ended as it began, with lights in the on position. I think it was the wall light but since I’m in the kitchen I’m I sure. The sounds of cars in the parking lot are audible to me on the 10th floor. I hear water running suddenly in some other apartment. I don’t know what it means. Fyi, just journaling in the wee hours.

As paranoid as it sounds the reality is you have to be aware that simply by having a place to live, people addicted to drugs see you as a target who can well afford to part with some of your belongings. The typical manner of thought pattern goes like this: You have so much more than they do. These items will make more of a difference in their lives should they acquire them, than they will make in your life if you were to keep them. Why, you will never notice what is missing. And if you do notice something is missing, lucky thing they have just the replacement to sell you, as it happens! Taken from someone else, but the item is being used for a good cause. When something benefits the person who takes it, then that cannot really be considered theft.

Any little bump in the night can throw a scare into a person. Too bad I wasn’t paranoid before I let people know where I live! I won’t ever make this mistake again.

Drug Involved People Do Something That We Can All Do To Stay Mentally Strong

Have You Seen Advice About Avoiding Dementia?

Do you remember the days before cell phones? We memorized phone numbers. Effortlessly. Today, there are people who do not even know their own number. Humans will lose the capacity to memorize if we don’t practice. Memorization is the most basic thinking skill. That’s the trade off in having machines do the thinking for us.

See these signs? If you can imagine these signs, and use them, to do math as well as people society calls criminals, you could be ahead if the approaching brain power crisis

College students can’t tell time using a traditional clock. You know, the big hand and the little hand?🕐 If you don’t remember, you are not alone. We are going to see an uptick in Alzheimer’s disease and other indicators of brain frailty if we don’t do more with our minds than find free porn sites like Porn.hub. Not that I dislike Porn.hub because it is very educational.

Porn or porno, which is the proper term for rated “X”?

My recommendation is that you follow the example of drug dealers, gamblers, people who deal with numbers and don’t have access to pre-made answer sheets. Here is an example of street math. There is no site to turn to in order to figure out the profit margin after deducting the cost of making “papers.” A paper is the smallest amount of a drug that is sold, usually $20. For some drugs a paper is a tenth of a gram. This amount is enough for a serving or a “hit” or two. A tenth of a gram looks like .1 when that amount of a substance is placed on a scale that’s ordinarily used for coins. That’s pronounced point one. A common colloquialism is for people to refer to papers as points. I’m told there is a rap song that refers to women (and even men) who trade sex for a mere paper as points, as in, she is a point or two. A few years ago people who traded sex for a small amount of drugs were called “strawberries.” I don’t know the origin of that slang.🍓🍓🍓🍓

The most expensive way to buy anything is not taking advantage of the cheaper cost when you buy in bulk. If you can buy a whole gram, ten points, at one time you’ll get charged $100 or $120. But if you only have $20 to spend you can only get a paper, making grams $200. Dealers who want to make the most money will say “I only have papers,” which means you could buy as much as you want but they are not giving discounts. You can ask if they have grams or “halves” but if you’re told there are only papers, you can expect to be out of luck. Not only will there be no discount but the paper bought on the streets of downtown Honolulu, will be “short,” like .07 There’s no site where all of these numbers are conveniently laid out based upon the local drug scene. In the local drug scene people care about money💲and when phones are always being stolen a person has to turn to actually figuring things out!

Find something you care about, whatever you spend most of your time doing or thinking about and see how math is involved. Then start doing the math in your head. How many 15 minute porn videos can you watch before lunch? Invent word problems for your mental math. Or, if you must, use pen and paper🖋. In this way you will build the strength of your brain, just as experts advise everyone in the mainstream media. I am presenting you a story that won’t make the cut in traditional media outlets but the information about not using your phones but do math in your head for whatever interests you is just as valid. In fact, I can say I have seen people with very little formal education do math at a lightening fast pace. I am not speculating that no matter your test scores, you can do mental math and boost your brain power. When you read about how cell phones are weakening math skills and even leading to higher rates of dementia, remember, you read it here first.

X-hooker Life Hack #11–Do Not Ask if You Don’t Really Want To Know – Harvard X-Hookr in Hawaii in Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n Roll

Utilize wisdom about the world and insight into your own nature to be able to honestly decide if you want to know the answer. Do you want to shift your status from suspicious to informed?

You must act upon what you know. Keep in mind that inaction is action.

Are you prepared to do something with the knowledge? If not, don’t ask, and the other person can keep right on not telling. Enjoy the status quo of active inaction. When you’re ready and capable of initiating and following through with change only then seek enlightenment by asking your question. Don’t prematurely shake up your life by demanding the truth right now, dammit!


X-hooker Life Hack #11–Do Not Ask if You Don’t Really Want To Know

People, especially women, ask questions without fully considering the next step. Most questions are not questions but statements. If you have to ask an unpleasant question about what he is doing, you know the answer. What you’re really doing is saying: “I know you are cheating. This is my next move.” If you declare your knowledge one of two things will happen. You will do something. You will throw your life into turmoil but you believe it us for the best. Things will change because you’re changing them. Are you ready for this long, hard road? You will do nothing. Doing nothing is the same as giving him permission. Once you announce that he has your permission, that there will be no consequences for his behavior, he will continue to do whatever he is doing. And, no matter how distraught you are, he will feel better about himself! Clearly, you do not mind. It is unlikely that your life will get better if you need him to stop what he is doing to be happy. Remember, these outcomes will take place no matter what, if any, answer given.

Yes, it is true that it is not his answer but your reaction to his answer that determines the outcome of your question

People talk about the elephant in the room as if it is a bad thing to let the obvious go unsaid. My controversial stance is sometimes pretending everything is ok is the best choice at that time. There’s a reason people leave that elephant alone!

Caroleena, explaining X-hooker Life hack: don’t ask if you don’t really want to know.

A man believes every word he speaks is gold, but can he listen to a woman?

Women have to say “no means no.” It is not just that men don’t listen to women when it most matters. Like when women say they may be near a bed but they don’t want to get in. Men do not admit to hearing the “no” as they wheedle, cajole, and even pressure for sex. Some men take not listening to the next level. With ears closed, he will happily accept overpowering her so she can no longer resist as a “yes.”

The Double Not-Listening Standard

Men, on the other hand, will say “I don’t want a serious relationship.” At which point they will do everything to mislead her to get more out of her. A woman is more willing to play wifey if she thinks she’s rehearsing not pretending. When she finally demands to know when he plans to make good on his implied promises, he will fall back on, “well, I told you I didn’t want a relationship.” One statement, said only once, maybe years ago, is his fall back position when cornered and unable to avoid questions about popping the question

. You see why “no means no,” is so irritating?

See My Fellow Blogger Phicklephilly’s Post in this Link: A Man Tells Women That Women Ask to be Mistreated by Doing THIS

See Link: A Man Tells Women That Women Ask to be Mistreated by Doing THIS
— Read on

Part II: Why my ban from Honolulu forum of an adult services site as a problematic provider was correct

Throwback from one of the most successful posts ever which happened to appear in the most successful month of all, November 2018. Follow the above link to see content posted before we met.

My YouTube talk about Why I Don’t Support Black Lives Matter, Even Though I’m Black

In a nutshell: race based policy is b.s.

It is not a rant, but I cannot support the ideas and the people who represent them that I am supposed to support and I cannot be against the police the way I am supposed to. Well, you’ll see.

Young man catcalling to mature woman: Hey Mami, you fine as hell. You wanna be my mommy?

Español: Trump no ha hecho un discurso sobre la raza y dudo de su patriotismo🇺🇸

¿Crees que un verdadero patriota en una posición nacional de liderazgo debería permanecer en silencio durante esta agitación sin precedentes en nuestro país?

La gente quiere dirección. Incluso si no estuviera totalmente de acuerdo, creo que las personas son como yo y respetarían a un hombre con un puesto.

¿Recuerdas cómo Ronald Reagan nunca dijo “SIDA” ni una sola vez? Ahora miramos hacia atrás con comprensión porque eran las edades oscuras y esos temas nunca, nunca habían sido reconocidos y menos discutidos. Pero el problema del siglo XX fue el problema de la línea de color. No hay forma de que un adulto pueda reclamar ignorancia. Trump tiene una posición sobre la raza. ¿Qué significa que no lo compartirá?

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