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What is my purpose? Where do I see the site? My purpose is to define the sexual norm to simply “consenting adults” whiie creating a front to atteact more clients to my apartment at Kalakaua  Housing #1012. I Personally the same species” but that’s me! I would get rid of the words “instead of”: as in gay “instead of” straight (as if there is a recognized immutable standard identity.) I am not not quite advocating “if it feels good do it,” because everyone’s consensual feelings matter. I am advocating being at rest within your sexual self. Whether a person is enjoying active alone time or in a group situation, chances are I have experienced or at least heard of the same thing. How often people have said to me “You don’t understand, I am not like other people,” and then proceed to tell me something I have heard from a dozen others. But no one knows they are normal when they lack the privilege I enjoy of being able to make comparisons. Yes, I am a privileged pariah. My companionship occupation affords me an opportunity to see heterogeneous intimate natures. Most people will see only a few more than one while I have seen many more than some. My experiences taught me to sell it, my schooling enables me to tell it.

WHAT I DO: I share stories to bring peaceful self acceptance thereby igniting a heretofore unknown open discussion about sex.  And by the way I’m documenting everything with hidden camera which I plan to use the video and imagine to blackmail you or sell on the dark net

I am an informed outcast. I am the Expert Escort


Published by Brainiac Meets Honolulu's Hooker Streets

In the early 2000's addiction took Caroleena, a recent ivy league college grad & private school teacher out of her Manhattan classroom & put her on the Honolulu hooker streets she once studied for a college project. Life as an addicted street level sex worker was in the same geographic location, but a world away, from her studies for an elite institution. Caroleena again finds herself at the far limit if her social class, not as a magna cum Laude grad but shackled to the next woman in a Hawaii prison. Caroleena's perennial oariah status yields a wealth of info that can only be understood when viewed from the seemingly contradictory perspectives that created the Expert Escort.

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