Sex costs – Cash, drugs or anything of value to me

Let’s assume that prostitution is legal and no one need worry about publicly associating themselves with a crime. There are common misperceptions associated with prostitution that keep people from embracing their interest in sex workers. I have heard many men say, “I don’t have to pay for sex.” These men assume that men who pay a woman for her time are so unattractive you women that the only way a woman will spend time is if she is paid to do so. The fact of the matter is sex is never free. Everyone pays for sex, though not necessarily with money. A man must put in time with a woman to win her over. He must be kind to her in a way that is meaningful to her. And even then the outcome may not be to his liking. There are men who pay for convenience of guilt free pleasure. He can get what he wants exactly the way he wants it by paying money instead of emotions. He does not have to give anything of himself. Paying for a woman’s time with emotion could be costlier than money. A person can always replace money. But the time spent walking down a road that is not a path to pleasure but a dead end in nothingness, that is time one can never get back. And perhaps most expensive of all, once the emotions are “paid out” a man cannot always take back his heart if she breaks it. Or he cannot mend his pride if she rejects him. As I write, I learn. I began this post making the point that men are paying for guarantees and convenience. I must add to this observation that men choose to spend money for emotional safety. It’s not that they could not get a woman without giving her money. For some, they dare not get a woman any other way. The price could be too high.


5 thoughts on “Sex costs – Cash, drugs or anything of value to me

  1. What makes you say your wife would see the matter differently. I am inclined to believe you are right, but it also occurs to me that I would love to hear your views about three questions. We seldom have these conversations with our mates. “If I did this, how would you feel about it?”is a question people don’t want to ask, no matter their actions, to avoid causing trouble.
    1. Would you be interested in having that conversatio with your wife, perhaps by showing her this blog?
    2. Would you mind if she explored new activities with providers of her choosing without you? And finally–
    3. How about exploring provider activities with you, as a couple?
    You are insightful and you have expanded the issue of commitment safety to new areas of thought. Thank you Howard!


  2. For me, I feel I got married to early and I did not get to experience all the different women out there and paying just gives me this opportunity without any emotional ties.


    1. HI Howard, let me first say thank you for giving my words space in your mind. And thank you for commenting. What do you say to my stated belief that your primary commitment is not at all threatened by your encounters with providers?

      -Yours, Expert Escort


      1. I don’t feel my commitment is threatened, but I think my wife would see it differently.

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