Many people have asked for experiences with hidden cameras. To fully explain the various uses of hidden cameras I will begin with a brief discussion of the vast topic of random people engaging in sex play. Based on my observations (my observations are the info source for all of these posts) people who know each other don’t really seek to watch each other. I don’t know why that is. Maybe it would be uncomfortable to see someone in the throes of passion when you don’t know them like that.
In any case, observing involves the show offs and the nosy! I shouldn’t say it like that because that sounds judgmental but those are the words In my mind!
To be more neutral in tone, let me put it like this: exhibitionism (the act of being seen) and voyeurism (the act of observing someone engaged in an act) are integral to the outsider looking in. Here’s a scenario I’ve participated in: People want to watch and sit in the bed with someone who is enjoying what I call active alone time. Or the person (for some reason I always get an individual making request) wants to sit on the bed and watch a couple. Maybe the person wants to remain a mere observer. Sometimes the person wants the option of joining in. Things start to get complicated because the participants all have their rules, what is personally acceptable or unacceptable. Some people make a game of withholding permission for the observer to get involved. Kind of make the observer earn the privilege of participating. There’s so many ways to have creative fun.
But how do hidden cameras fit in? I must msintain my standards of anonymity–no one knows who is participating, privacy–no one knows what participants are doing, and informed consent–everyone knows what’s going on and agree before activities are underway. In any group situation I am in charge. Therefore, the rules that are nonnegotiable are mine. I figured out a way to work in hidden cameras and that is by creating an unknown schedule. One time, I had the person(s) agree that at some point in a series of sessions, they were recorded while wearing the animal masks I provided. Everyone was open to the recording so they never knew if I was recording everyone or all three of them. After awhile they relaxed and forgot about the camera. For some reason they thought I never recorded but they were cool when they found out I had been recording the whole time. There’s so much more to say but I will stop here and see wait for the many requests for more details.

Published by Harvard elite Homeless in HI🏝

Harvard grad on Hawaii Streets Tells All About the Red Light District in Paradise.

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