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Providers want clients to like what they see and choose what they like. Yet there is a heavy social stigma associated with prostitution that is impossible to erase. Please understand the de facto rules providers must follow in order to post pictures and live in society.

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It is very frustrating to me when potential clients complain that the pictures they see on online advertisements do not accurately so the providers. I wish they would apply the same standards of anonymity to us as they apply to themselves. What I mean to say is, they don’t want to post their pictures. They don’t want people to know the specifics of their off track sex lives. So why do they expect us to post our pictures? Do they not realize that we have just as much motive for keeping ourselves hidden as they do? Or maybe we have even greater motive. Because even if we were in a place like the sparsely populated counties of Nevada where escorting is legal, there is no other class of Womanhood that is more looked down upon then the prostitute. I was watching a rerun of the adult animated satire “Family Guy.” The male characters visit a brothel/gift shop that sold outfits and soft core sex toys. The character in the wheelchair starts yelling at mannequins because he is convinced They are sneering at his wheelchair. After assuring him the dolls are not real and are therefore incapable of judgment the Cleveland character says it would not matter if they judged because they are just whores and no one cares what they think. You may or may not agree with this assessment but I think we can reach a unanimous agreement about the need for providers to leave their experience in the profession off of their resumes. When this blog becomes world famous I predict great changes in the rejection of providers from General society. But until my voice is heard and it is discovered that we are people, anonymity is the way to go. So no, I cannot post any pictures that truly show what I look like.

By Harvard elite Homeless in HI🏝

Harvard grad on Hawaii Streets Tells All About the Red Light District in Paradise.

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I must really be screwed up in the head or my parents taught me well because I never saw escorts as lower class people. In fact the first time I saw an escort (20 years ago), she had to remind me to keep it on the down-low (“people don’t know me by that name here at my residence). Let me go 30 years back. In high school, my good friend was dating a stripper. I had never been to a strip bar and he invited me to join him at her place of employment. I accepted and when she came out for her number, I saw surprised! Pleasantly surprised! They eventually broke up. I never went back to that bar, but strip bars were more common place for me and I was comfortable going to them and not caring. I guess my point is that I really don’t care what you do as long as you are happy and enjoy what you are doing. I wish more people would see it that way.

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