What “bbc” Meant in My Career

2 thoughts on “What “bbc” Meant in My Career”

  1. “Top level of desirability”, only if your scale is created and calibrated by the rather perverse (by my standards) male who accosted you. Undoubtedly you would obtain a better (certainly healthier), and more socially acceptable ranking if you were to remove that particular requirement. For most men, a penis other than their own is as useful as an appendix. You would certainly feel a little better about yourself, (as well you should), by including only those things which are a product of your own labors, rather than pointlessly using another’s scale to value yourself. The old adage about beauty being in the eye of the beholder is easily applicable here, as the sight, knowledge, or even inkling of the presence of a bbc, or one of any color, size, or shape would certainly slide the level of desirability far into the negative realm as far as i am concerned.


    1. You assume that I feel unhappy with myself. I am merely relating about what other people have said. There are men who struggle with their homosexuality and feel alone. I want to show people that there may be others just like them but it’s not known bc no one has intimate conversations about sexual proclivities they aren’t comfortable with. My words have less to do with me as a person than one might think. I am merely a mouthpiece. Thank you for helping me clarify and articulate my mission with this site.


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