How’s business after the disappearance of prostitution advertising sites?

How is business now that changes in federal lawgiver resulted in the removal of advertising sites for providers?  I asked around. One provider was happy you discover that her business volume was unaffected. Clients could no longer find new people to satisfy the peer pressure that drove guys you be the first to find the newest providers–and write about the providers. Instead, people she had contacted before looked her up. There were people who considered her before, but never took the plunge because in her case she is not white, Asian, or 20-something. Now these people took out her number and shot her done texts. She is grateful that she used s job she does not enjoy to keep herself in stable housing. Without s place of her own, her possessions would be stolen. No more phone, say goodbye to valuable contact lists, and forget about people being able to look her up a year later. Either she’d be between phones or so stressed by shuffling between on Guy’s place to the next, she’d forget you ask for the same number for the replacement phone. So–great!  But a part of her, that brutally honest part, reminds her she is only treading water. She dates successfully, even though she hates taking strangers into her body. This success allows her to date more. And so on. How you get out of this cycle with a front on her record and no startup money for an entrepreneurial effort?  Suggestions?

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