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Virginity For Sale, July, 2018

Yesterday I saw a story on a news/entertainment programming about a 23 year old woman preparing to auction her virginity to the highest bidder later in 2018. Preliminary bids top a million dollars. There’s so much to say on this subject I will divide comments into multiple blogs
I have received much condemnation from people who learn of my past in the Sex industry. People seem to think of prostitutuon as a deviation from the norm–a low class immoral act committed by a tiny sector of ostracized individuals. My position is that sex always costs–everyone. Sex for sale is the foundation of Sex across societies. Virginity is one of the most valuable commodities. “Why buy the coworker if you can get the milk for free?” was an expression I learned as a child that meant a man won’t marry (and financially support) a woman who fails to trade virginity for marriage. In other words if she “gives it up” she is “easy” and her marriage prospects (men with wealth) dwindle to nothing if she does not “save herself for marriage.” Sometimes a woman’s virginity does not belong to her but to her family who uses it as a bargaining chip. Diana’s virginal status was confirmed by Royal doctors before she wed Prince Charles. Prince Charles could not marry the woman he truly loved because she was divorced. He had to have his children borne by a virgin. In the movie Titanic the widowed mother explains to her nubile daughter that they were poor except for the daughter’s appeal, and if said daughter did not marry the wealthy jerk both mother and daughter would be destitute (the movie does not show how the daughter avoided poverty after the ship went down). I am told that in the Middle East young women are killed by male family members if they lose their honor (virginity) without giving their families a chance to make money off of their chastity. To be fair I have no first hand Knowledge of “honor killings” and I don’t take everything I see on television at face value.
I did personally witness a father’s appropriation of the virginity of his three daughters. A few years ago I was in a west Oahu convention hall listening to an evangelical preacher explain how he had raised a “godly” family. He told his three beautiful teenage daughters to stand. Then he announced “my three daughters are virgins and will remain so until their wedding nights.” The room erupted in wild applause and cheers. The daughters were not asked to contribute to the discussion before they took their seats. The collections flowed freely from the crowd to his ministry.
Virginity has monetary value. Someone always seeks to profit from delivering an “intact” young woman to a man who can return the favor by bestowing wealth and status upon the bearer of that precious gift. If we as women are going to be sold, why don’t we sell ourselves? Yet we rightly fear the vociferous criticism and condemnation. If someone else owns us we are “good girls” but if we assert our bodies-our selves, we are “bad girls.” And believe me, the punishment is a life sentence

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