How critiques on an adult web site are not just commenting, they are also creating (s)experience

I was yexti g the hobbyist I knew as Little Blue.  I had met a very nice guy, Blue Neck, and several other upfront senior members who gave fair reviews. 321Bloke. NandaGoodHand. FlowerSniffer. DR-Rico. Not everyone wanted to hide their screen name from the provider, although some guys said membership in the American Sex Tales (as I call it) site should be like fight club, the firzt rule being tell no one about it. I assumed I simply didn’t hear from the secretive people. Little Blue would surely want to k ow about tbe blog I was planning, so I told him. I was unprepared for the response. “So you are going to write about yourself? Yawn. Don’t you get sick of you? Everyone else does.”  What??? I had not had a hateful comment like that since I read posts by…Astro Youth!These two are the same guy! “You knew it all along! That’s why you’ve been blowing up my phone! You can’t get me and it is killing you!” Quickly I blocked the number marvelling that this Astro person could misread me. I did not want him but he was certainly a fan of a new member with the corniest writing–Torchbearer.  Torchbearer was the sentimental one who “looked deep into the provider’s hurt eyes and saw–yes, there it was–the glimmer of her shrinking soul.” I’d roll my eyes at the heavy handed attemot to sound smart and deep but AstroYouth would write “Torchbearer, you should be published!!!I mean it!!  You are an amazing writer!” When I looked over the posts I saw these three screen names commenting back to back to back. The same guy. Playing games with the livelihood of a woman he saw, what? One time? I guess. I do not even know him. Except I did. I had been fortunate enough to receive private training in the sensual arts. The result was much improved skills in a certain in demanded service. I only saw one person after these lessons. And the person told me how much I had improved and even after 15 years my conversational skills were still superlative. That is what he told me, the person who said he could never comment on me. And that is verbatim what Little Blue wrote about me. That son of a bitch! For every nice thing written, there were much more vehement declarations of hatred and disgust about my character, personality, body, and even my service dog received poor marks. Yes, I had suspected several people might have been Astro Youth and in typical New York fashion, I outright asked several people, including what’s his name by Windward mall. No one admitted it. But now I knew. I never thought reviews were entirely reliable because of different opinions, agendas, but I never thought someone could launch a campaign to mess with a provider for 2-3 years without apparent provocation. The wise older monger who tells the newbies reality. The malcontent who hates that bitch and hates himself. The sensitive soul who cannot hep but to love the woman within the provider. One guy. At best, he wants to control the boards, see how much influence he can wield. At worst he is a sicko who was speaking of himself when he explained the administrator stopped me from posting “because like a lot of guys he is a misogynist who is threatened by your intelligence.” Maybe he is the administrator! Now that is pure speculation on my part. But after these split personalities my trust in the motives of reviewers is weak but the good senior members maintain my sense of optimism that something good can come out of what i do and what people say about what I do. If I did not know better I would think this author (me) may be collaborating with Little Blue! But ultimately I would reject that idea because a man with that much hostility toward a woman would never work with her.  Calling Dr. Freud! Wonder what the relationship with mom was like..?

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