Why the administrator of an adult services site was right to ban a provider’s posts” Part I

I was always trying to prove my worth by changing people’s minds about me. My agenda, hidden even from me, was wrapped in intellectualism but was highly emotional.

Prostitution in Honolulu circa 2000: What I don’t say about race

In the early years of the 21st century I was in my late 20’s half black/white graduate of an ivy league university who turned to working as a prostitute in Honolulu gritty downtown area. Adjacent to Honolulu business district and Chinatown, “downtown” was and is a hotbed of drug activity. The only tourists to ventureContinue reading “Prostitution in Honolulu circa 2000: What I don’t say about race”

Adult web site hooker reviews & the N.Y. Times: Twins?

What does the New York Times have in common with an adult web site that posts anonymous reviews of providers? Sadly, these sources of info/opinions/fantasy (??) have a lot in common now that the New York Times has published an anonymous negative opinion piece about a prominent leader. In both cases we know the authorsContinue reading “Adult web site hooker reviews & the N.Y. Times: Twins?”

I had a pimp but I did not know it

In 2002 I was addicted to crack cocaine and turned to hooking on the streets of downtown Honolulu to support my habit. I was not one of the expensive streetwalkers who strolled Kuhio Avenue in Waikiki wearing platform shoes with the fake fish appearing to swim in glass heels. These women were usually young, attractiveContinue reading “I had a pimp but I did not know it”