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False Claims about Hookers

I scored an “A” in a college course called Poverty and the American Underclass. Imagine my surprise to discover I knew almost nothing about the socioeconomic class to which I was born and to which I would return in my addiction.

Why is”Gay Pride” shortened to just “Pride?”

It may seem unimportant that the gay pride parade is now called the pride parade but I am worried. Remember you read my predictions here first

I Knew I Was A Shallow Hooker for Caring, but Being Chosen Became Important to Me

Prostitution became a way for me to receive validation about my good looks. I liked feeling choosen.

A Provider Publicly Shared her HIV status and I thought “Safe Sex Sure Has Changed”

It was once unthinkable to contemplate sex without a condom. Now the HIV fear pendulum has swung to the side of indifference to condom use. I never thought I would see the day when a provider is shunned for insisting on a condom.

Prostitution in Honolulu: How I tried to use Ambesol to solve a problem

I was a hooker who did not like the sex. How to solve this problem?

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