Why is”Gay Pride” shortened to just “Pride?”

Does this picture depict a disturbing image?

I wonder if our society is backing away from embracing gay rights. I say this because I saw the news story about today’s “Pride” parade in Waikiki. They must mean gay pride I thought. The challenge question for the audience was what does LGBT stand for, as if is not well known .Are the anchors using language that disguises the content of the message?  Slip the whole gay thing by people too fast for them to notice and think and perhaps disapprove.  Why would a provider like me care when heterosexuality has kept a roof over my head?  Prostitution helped me to define my political position re: sex. My standard is, I believe the government should stay out of governing sex between consenting, conscious adults of the same species. And, personally, I want nothing to do with an activity that might require a hazmat suit, i.e. handling bodily waste. If people can fit their desires within these parameters we have something to talk about. I don’t need authorities I never invited into my life deciding what I may do. It seems to me that when society clamps down on gay rights or acceptance it is an ominous harbinger about what could happen to those of us considered deviants. What’s more, it may be easy to dismiss a hooker as a deviant but I guarantee there is at least one trait or one action about every person that someone somewhere would label deviant. At one time I paid little attention to gay rights but I now know that gay is just another word for human. And interestingly, what man hasn’t gone there, with other men?  How’s this list: no females were available, it was really dark, no one ever had to know, it was long ago, just youthful experimentation, not something he would do all the time, the other person was prettier than most women, there was pornography on that showed women and he kept his eyes on the screen, only when getting high, it was only sex not a relationship, the other person takes female hormones so he doesn’t function like a man, it’s not like he kissed a man on the lips, don’t ask don’t tell …I have heard each of these rationalizations from men who had gay sex but it didn’t really count.  I am not the only one to convince myself that while it might appear that I am just like these people doing exactly what I am doing, I am totally different and in no way one of them.  No matter what my situation looks like to the uninformed observer I wonder how I discovered that I have always been one of “them”?

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