Who Deserves Shame?

I listen to people counsel victims of rape. And the one thing the counselors want to make clear above all else is that the victims have no reason to be ashamed. They have no reason to be ashamed because it was not their fault; they did not do anything to bring that tragedy upon themselvesContinue reading “Who Deserves Shame?”

Hooker Life Hack 11/27/18

Be very careful when you help an addict or receive help from an addict. For some people giving or receiving help is a means to victimize others. My peers and I were your garden-variety narcissists, sociopaths, egomaniacs, the addicted– we powerfully resented even the speculation that someone might have  helped us. Interdependence is anathema toContinue reading “Hooker Life Hack 11/27/18”

What do I have in common with a cannibal?More than I care to admit

I have found common ground with a famous cannibalistic serial killer. Me and Jeffrey Dahmer… Who would have thought?

Hooker Life Hack#? (I’m sharing more of the real me by admitting I lost count on my hooker life hacks list)

There are many stories within a lifetime. One of these stories is a “good news, bad news” story.  The good news is, you can get used to anything. But you know what the bad news is? You can get used to anything.

From Harvard to Homeless to Homey to Hooker

I went from Harvard graduate, Magna cum Laude (with high honors) to being homeless and turning to sex work to support myself and my drug habit, and being out there as a survivor was shameful and surprisingly thrilling.

Hooker Life Hack#6: Your “real life” is what’s passing you by as you wait for things to get back to normal

Plans for success morph into tales of days gone by

Of course Kanye West wants all four Kardahian sisters and maybe mom too! That’s a normal man for you

If we use the word “normal” to mean commonly occurring, then I must say it is normal for Kanye West to want all 4 Kardashian sisters, and probably at the same time. I mean no offense, simply giving my experience based opinion.

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