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Of course Kanye West wants all four Kardahian sisters and maybe mom too! That’s a normal man for you

If we use the word “normal” to mean commonly occurring, then I must say it is normal for Kanye West to want all 4 Kardashian sisters, and probably at the same time. I mean no offense, simply giving my experience based opinion.

How is it news that Kanye West wants sex with all four Kardashian sisters and the hot mom too? It would be weird if he didnt. The traditional news anchors have to look appalled at his depravity but what man wouldn’t feel the same way. Thats just men. What would be nees is if women understood men’s desire to graze and not only allowed it but contributed to his desires for more. As long as he knows where home is, let him do what he wants. Certainly don’t get on him for thinking whatever he wants–he will anyway! As long as he isn’t in her face about his play time, I think a woman who could set aside her jealousy and recognize that gor men casual sex id all about the orifice and not the person. In the dark with eyes closed sex is just friction, for men, anyway. One man said he would happily interact with a “mossy knot hole on a tree.” But he was no freak-“it would have to be lubricated of course.” Always remember men need many but they also need the wife/mother/nursemaid to take care of them. I believe men need both of these in their lives-the knot holes and the wives. I always imagined I would be the wife instead if the knothole but as I get older I know that sometimes I have to take what I can get. Acceptance of my realities has meant growing up, giving up; and settling in to what I can truly have. I tell you one thing, if I could have a husband, I would make sure he had access to four sisters, provided I was his home and he always came home.

By Harvard elite Homeless in HI🏝

Harvard grad on Hawaii Streets Tells All About the Red Light District in Paradise.

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