What do men get out of reading my writing? One Man’s Opinion

I was so happy to finally regain access to my successful blog. I was telling a couple about my joy and amazement

I can’t believe I got 9,400 views in 36 countries in 2018. I know it’s not Amazon traffic but it’s so empowering to think that people care about what I have to say. I feel validated.

Caroleena’s remarks about accessing expertescort2018.com/


Men don’t care about what you have to say as a person. Men want to read what a hooker has to say to figure out how hookers thinks so they can try to get free sex. Guys want to know how to manipulate women for their sexual advantage.

A man very familiar with the life as a cab driver who caters to working girls and the mahus


If guys read my site to figure out how to take advantage of women, I don’t care. I am just happy to have readers. Do whatever you want. I can’t control people, I wouldn’t even try. I have no definite goal in writing other than to tell my stories for the fun of it. I hope I do some good but, if not, oh well. Because people do care about what I say, I feel validated anyway.

Published by Harvard Grad elite meets Honolulu backstreets

The story, full of wit and wisdom: Harvard➡Homeless➡Heroin➡Happiness. Past degradation➡present edification.

One thought on “What do men get out of reading my writing? One Man’s Opinion

  1. “Failure is an event not an identity” So very true and worth remembering in order to keep “forward relentless progress”


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