A Couple of Hollywood Stories Show People Might be OK with Prostitution but not Prostitutes


A woman was once arrested for working as a madam for famous and rich celebrities (I want to be a maverick and change the standard wording “rich and famous”). I remember her name to this day, Heidi Fleiss. The media called her the “Hollywood Madam.” People were fascinated with her story, and the public wanted to know what she had to say. She became something of a minor celebrity. There was much speculation about the names in her little black book but I don’t think she ever said who the players were. What was clear was that she herself was not a sex worker.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen hired an attractive blonde porn star for a night of debauchery. It was said that he paid her $30,000. The incident did not affect his career; it was not the reason for his departure from Two and a Half Men. The porn star was not so fortunate. “Porn Star” is a slang term for a classification of a certain type of sex service provider, but in her case she truly had worked in porn. However, when word got out, her reputation in the pornography community was ruined and she could not find work in the field. Prostitution had ruined her good porn name. I imagine the porn people want to make sure everyone knows they aren’t prostitutes


The above examples show that involvement in Prostitution is not necessarily social death. You can set it up. You can be a client. But the woman who do the work are tainted. The tainters are socially unaffected. Interesting double standard.

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