One working girl reacted to the news that this blog telling the history of Honolulu Street Prostitution has thousands of views. Read On…

Half truths and from your poor pitiful me point of views and so many lies just to try and gain fake followers lmao and your so horrible at proper English and how to write a short blog and stay on topic that every one reading has got to be dying laughing at your pathetic bullshiet typical Mommy hated me I tried to go to school and be the best me but I always hated my self so I abandoned my children to be a whore and got hooked on hard drugs now I’m infected and scabbed but I can work out when I’ve done a half gram of Boy and a 20 sack of clear so yeah these fake tits look super great even tho my hair and my skin will never recover from the stress of 20 years of drug use girl good bye lay off the dope your hair won’t look like you stuck it in a socket I was stupid to have liked you from the start now I see the ugly belittling always has to be right never loved her self junky bum broke insane annoying bitch you are fuck was I thinking that your few good qualities would ever out way your bad leave me the fuck alone keep your money I don’t need shiet from you and leave me alone I will not be the reason your life has meaning online in blogs bitch YOU ARE IRRELEVANT keep it pushin nasty hoe, Monday, December 10 2018, 7:14 AM

You have now met Honolulu based self – described “ho” we will call “Heaven.” Do you, dear Readers, enjoy perusing, verbatim, texts written by people who have been written about? Let me know!

Working Girl “Heaven” has a lot of anger to share when she learns this blog about Honolulu Street prostitution has had thousands of views
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