Will Gay Marriage Start A Trend That Influences Prostitution?

At First Gay Marriage Seemed Odd

I acknowledge that it took awhile to get used to same sex marriage. But TV had helped me. On talk shows, we meet women’s wives, and introductions are made without missing a beat. Comedies and dramas show men with husbands and it’s no big deal, like a detail that is incidental to the story. Before, such a storyline would never see the light of day. Then, the same sex marriage was central to the show or those characters on the show. Remember Friends? Ross had an ex wife who married a woman and it was big trips. But today, it’s almost natural to see same sex marriage.

If Committed Relationships Can be Flexible…

We can no longer assume that a spouse is necessarily the opposite sex. The word “spouse” has become gender neutral in a whole new way. In sex work, yes there’s a thriving male homosexual scene. And often these men are dressed as women but it’s still male homosexual nevertheless But when it comes to women’s involvement, that’s always been heterosexual, as far as I knew. When someone contacted me via message I always assumed the person was male. I was always correct. And now? Are women looking to female sex workers for service? Would “trick” or “client” become as gender neutral as “spouse”? Just a thought. If it happens you’ll know you read it here first.

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