“Harvard”Hooker? At the 25th annual reunion?

25th College Alumni Reunion

Harvard Hooker? This title will simply not do for the reunion. The reunion isn’t tomorrow but it is within the decade. I have got to get it together so I can feel confident enough to attend the reunion. I know happiness would override all concerns about professional and economic success. But with the death of my significant other, I can’t get happy. Yes, I know he would’ve been waaay over me if it had been me and not him, dead on my kitchen floor the Sunday before the Patriot’s come from behind Super Bowl victory in 2017. But I am not reassured by reminding myself of my one sided love for my mostly gay former trick. I’ve got to turn to the things shallow people use to try yo make themselves whole, success, wealth, fame. I need to get some success, wealth, fame. I don’t want to name drop my college bc I am pretty positive the university would not drop my name, at this point in time. What to do, what to do? A lot of people who went down the path of addiction instead of success feel ashamed to let classmates know what became of them. On top of general embarrassment I feel like I ammunition for people who say affirmative action doesn’t work. Yes, I graduated Magna cum Laude so I did what I was supposed to whole in school but then, after graduation, I failed myself and my people and I want to make it right. Hey if I can’t reach social acceptability I will settle for wealth. I am going to pursue my Hooker Life from the world’s oldest Profession.

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