My Favorite Thing About Prostitution

“You must not get a high quality type of guy downtown,” someone once said to me. Not really asking, more in a tone of someone who doesn’t have to actually know the facts to know the facts. Like how I was before exposure to facts disrupted my truth.

Another Stereotype Debunked

“I used to think the same thing. The truth is,all kinds of guys came downtown looking for sex. I have been all over the Orland.”

I was sworn to secrecy at the time so I can’t say where the guy took me. But I can say that it was a good thing I had my identification on me or I wouldn’t have made it past the gaurd into the secure area. I loved meeting businessmen who took me to their places of business after hours. I have been in empty night clubs, tour busses, beauty salons, car dealerships, psychiatrist offices, empty churches, etc…It seems that the desire for nada sex crosses lines that normally divide men. True diversity really is beneficial and educational. I can’t find anything besides hedonism that’s truly diverse

Published by Respectably Witty Harvard X-Hooker Advisor

Harvard X-Hooker in Hawaii Tells all about addiction driven secret street sex in paradise that's surprisingly funny.

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