The Early Days in the Adventures of the Ivy League Junkie

Caroleena found she couldn’t smoke crack and work a regular job. Long story dhort–she became a Hooker upon returning to Hawaii. She spent a lot of time looking out of car windows The truth, unadulterated truth, she loved the life.

There’s a period of time after we start using when we think, where have you been all of my life. You finally get the way you want to feel. theyou revel in the physical pleasure of the drug. You’re on an emotional high with the fresh sense of adventure of your new passion, plus not knowing what each day will bring. As long as each day brings dope. And the days dont disappoint–before you run out of money. You have yet to experience conequences. You’ve identified your heart’s desire and you obtain it. You’re no longer pursuing happiness bc you have finally caught it. Imagine finding your bliss, in paradise, no less.
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