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So What Brings You Here? 12/23/17

I had back to back appointments one busy night there was a client who took one look at me and said, “Wow…You’re beautiful. I just want to look at you,” which is what he did from a chair six feet away for an uncomfortable hour. Ninety minutes later I met a client who took oneContinue reading “So What Brings You Here? 12/23/17”

Hooker Hack #3: The Fragility of Joy

Hooker Hack #3: Joy is a gift from God, but a fragile gift. No matter how powerful the joy, something or someone can steal it in an instant, and joy will disappear from your heart and mind as if it never existed. Grief is stronger. Unlike joy, no one can steal it from you orContinue reading “Hooker Hack #3: The Fragility of Joy”

I Was Ashamed to be Black Growing up in NY in the 1980’s

I used to watch the evening 6 p. News with the grown ups. My stomach was twisted I. K it’s and my mouth was so dry I could hear myself swallow. Why? I was desperately afraid the pictures of the people arrested for crimes would show people my color. And I would hear about itContinue reading “I Was Ashamed to be Black Growing up in NY in the 1980’s”

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