As a Hooker I Found Many Types of Crazy Men Different from the Stereotypical Misogynist


I had always imagined that men who hired prostitutes to abuse them were rapists. Untrue! Abuse comes in many different forms of outward expression of the inner goal to take satisfaction in causing pain. I just heard from an old trick. I met this man in 2006. He liked my muscular physique back in the pre-boob job days when I almost looked like a fitness model. All I had to do was flex my bicep for him. My mistake was accepting low pay BC the work was slight. He was/is the type of person who defines people by how much money he believes they are worth. I was not yet aware of the value of my time and should have charged him just for being in my presence. Instead, the low fee gave him the idea that I had little worth as a person. However, it became clear to both of us that I was more educated and articulate than Jim. He wanted to look down at me, but feared that I was his intellectual superior. He was drawn to me, and he hated me for enthralling him. He felt compelled to punish me.

Since 2006 he has contacted me every few months without explaining his out-of-the-blue text. He will express a desire to “start over,” in spite of their being no relationship to resume. He will make offers of travel or nights on the town or living together. The next stage of his ritual is a day or two long. He becomes very demanding. Eight calls a day. Text messages asking me questions about my past or my day, and refusing to stop interrogating me. He will find my responses not timely enough ir not as detailed as he wants. He will move to the final phase of the ritual: his rejection. He invariably texts that he would have provided x,y, or z but I proved I was unworthy and he is forced to rescind his offer. He swears he will never contact me again. Good bye forever. In a couple of months he will send a brief text, somethings the like “Flex for me.” Three months more and he will text his desire to “try again.”

Why do I bother interacting with him at all? For a long time I had held out hope that he really wanted to be friends. After all, I became friends with the guy who died and left me all alone with nothing but a blog for company. Maybe..? But no, no friendship to be had. Rumors of my heartlessness are greatly exaggerated. I have hopes! Unfortunately, obviously, he needed to score s rejection. I really didn’t see the truth until today’s message which he said we were from different socioeconomic classes and this will be the last I hear from him. So you see, not a rapist, not the stereotypical prostitutes seeking misogynist in my mind. A user and abuser nonetheless. An atypical misogynist. Lol!

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