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Illegal solicitations look like this (warning: adult language)

Even though I have always been very clear that I don’t trade money for sex I get messages like this!

I received this message today June 29, 2019 from an unknown number. When I call the number a computer generated female voice informs me that “the text mail subscriber is unavailable.” My blog contact info is easy to get bc I want to hear from fans. Ok, “fans” is a bit of an overstatement. I am not yet popular enough to have “fans”–as in “fanatics.” I do have people who read my posts on a regular basis and I’m delighted to hear from any of my small and enduring group.

When I was on the street, if someone had said this to me after I got into his car, and that someone had been an undercover police officer, I would’ve been arrested. Twice, I was arrested by saying “yes” to propositions like this. Coming up, I will share the stories of the four Honolulu Police Department organized stings I experienced, which resulted in two life changing arrests.

It was tempting to see what would’ve happened had I agreed to this morning’s texted solicitation, just to see how it would’ve played out. Would s seat team have descended upon me? Would I have met my biggest blog fan to date? Are undercovers conducting their stings in cyberspace? Posing as anonymous texters? I cannot say for sure. I don’t like the idea of trying to explain to the judge that I was on a fact finding mission wh I agreed to trade sex for miney–but only as experiment! I don’t have the right to use speech this way. The First Amendment right to freedom of speech does not cover illegal propositions or speech meant to defraud someone of money or whatever.

I sent my standardtext response to these not infrequent inappropriate, kind of disrespectful messages. I said the proposition is illegal and that’s not what I do. In today’s world meeting people online is what’s happening and I’m not opposed to making arrangements to meet and spend time, but that’s not an agreement to do a specific sex act for a specific payment. I received an apology and no further communication. Of all the people who sent blunt solicitations not one texter has ever responded favorably to my correction and subsequent offer to spend time. I guess they weren’t interested in getting to know me. Undercovers probably don’t think much of me or of my blog. I, on the other hand, have nothing but respect for law enforcement, if that’s who is texting. Yes, in my opinion time spent trying to ensnare me in a trap is time wasted. Still, they are just doing their jobs, a job I could never do. They have always come to my aid when I’ve called. Aside from sometimes treating me with disdain after they learn of my record, Honolulu police have never given me problems. FYI.

By Harvard elite Homeless in HI🏝

Harvard grad on Hawaii Streets Tells All About the Red Light District in Paradise.