Ever Have A Great Sex Fantasy Ruined When the Woman in Your Fantasy Wants to Talk?

Fun isn’t always a team sport. For some guys they want the fun to be about them and only them and they are willing to pay for the privilege of not having to even pretend to care about another person.

Trump is right, people who don’t like America should go back to their countries.

YEARS AGO… I was released from prison and able to secure housing in a housing project in Honolulu. In Honolulu public housing is not stigmatized like it is in other parts of the country because this is the #1 most difficult state to live in, economically. Wages in no way keep up with the costContinue reading “Trump is right, people who don’t like America should go back to their countries.”

X-HOOKER LIFE HACKS: the world’s newest everyday wisdom from the world’s oldest profession

Hooker life hack#88 life is a good news bad news story as the once unimaginable actions become old hat

This is Not XXX writing but Appropriate for Most Audiences

Harvard X-Hooker made a change that will allow you to read this blog anywhere without fearing someone will glance at your screen and think you are on a porn site. I caught myself concealing my phone while I waited for another job interview with someone not willing to hire an X-Hooker. I didn’t want theContinue reading “This is Not XXX writing but Appropriate for Most Audiences”

The Obsession of Addiction–as explained in an interview.

The obsession of addiction is like a voracious fire in the mind, devouring all other thoughts til there’s nothing left inside but ash that gives no indication of the mentality that once existed on site.

YouTube Link “Luxury Escorting in Waikiki” July 24, 2019

One day we will look back on this video and smile to ourselves about how far we have come. I view us, you dear Readers and me, as in this blog journey together, presenting the stories of the Harvard hooker in Honolulu to the world. Me writing and remembering and progressing. You guiding and supportingContinue reading “YouTube Link “Luxury Escorting in Waikiki” July 24, 2019″

Mean Words From a Nice Trick and Why I Kept Seeing Him

The meanest words directed at me came as a total surprise. I have explained before that relationships change when people spend time together. People forget the tiles they are supposed to have and start relati g in a way that’s comfortable. That’s why there are rules against forming relationships that seem highly unlikely but areContinue reading “Mean Words From a Nice Trick and Why I Kept Seeing Him”

One Guy, Several Screen Names, How A Guy With A Split Personality Taught Me a Lesson For You!

Fake news extends to fake reviews in an age when everyone can speak with anonimity and no qualifications, even crazies with agendas

Do You Want to Know Why You Don’t Receive the Treatment From a Provider That Reviewers Report? I Have Answers


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