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Instant Addict Friends–How addiction combats the isolation of cyber “friendships”

I thought I was lonely and friendless bc of some internal flaw. Maybe. But maybe not. My loneliness could be a product of the flaws in modern society. My informal research shows that in today’s world we spend our time in meaningless sub-social (my word) interactions mediated by a screen. Texting instead of calling. Facebooking people we will never see again or never meet in the first place, instead of putting in face to face time with a reach-out-and-touch human. Time wasted in meaningless chatter bc our souls feel lonely without constant contact with someone or someones. You can have a close relationship if you talk on the phone, and don’t see the person, but that is the maximum distance between two people if they are to be considered in a relationship. Remove the voices from interaction that is not face to face (as in texting instead of calling) and what we have is a bunch of pen pals. Friends on social media are nothing more than cyber pen pals. I still feel lonely after I look away from the screen. But, in an otherwise lonely life I have interactions. It is these face to face encounters that I need in my life. No wonder it’s hard to get clean. Let me explain ..

Addiction’s Plus Side

If you want to get high you have to interact with people. If you are not independently wealthy you will need a hustle. Theft. Prostitution. Drug dealing. There are sub categories. You could be a shoplifter (colloquially called “booster”). Or an identity thief. Under the prostitution category, you could work the streets or make it your mission to be the dealer’s girlfriend. Interactions. Boosters have to find people who will buy their loot. Interactions. Selling drugs involves others but you know what really brings people together? Seeking drugs. Someone’s got money but no connections. Someone else knows a guy to call. This other person has a car. What? He didn’t answer? Try calling this girl..? The group is off on a mission. And when two or more addicts are United in a common purpose, that purpose is realized. Maybe there is something to the Law of Attraction. One thing that’s a definite is that being an addict automatically places you within a group. Sure they’d Rob you blind and possibly leave you for dead if you overdose. But it’s still a group. You can find your people all over the country. Drop me in any metropolitan area and within hours I’ll be behind a locked door getting high with my new associates. And loving the adventure.

By Harvard elite Homeless in HI🏝

Harvard grad on Hawaii Streets Tells All About the Red Light District in Paradise.