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Me Versus Bleach Throwing Neighbor–Video After her Arraignment and Plea July 1, 2019

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I recorded this video immediately after I came from court. My bleach throwing neighbor had arraignment and Plea, that’s where the court tells the defendant the charge and s/he has a chance to ask questions about the charge. The defendant enters a day, seems like “not guilty” is mandatory, and the trial date is set. Defendant receives referral to the public defender’s office if need be. Now there is a new procedure that requires the judge to read a document detailing the possible risks that the charge could have to a person’s immigration status, even if the person is a legal immigrant. I have never heard this before. I guess this is President Trump’s work. it seems kind of unfair that a legal immigrant could get kicked out for jaywalking, but what do I know? another thing that seems unfair is that the nasty neighbor who threw bleach on me did not even get charged with a petty misdemeanor but got charged with a citation–a ticket! Not even a jailable offense. In Chicago, although the whole thing was a hoax, when the black gay actor said people threw bleach on him, that was a big deal. They were talking hate crime. but I don’t get that kind of consideration and the police saw the actual video. Do you know what the police officer actually said to me? One of them said “since your rent is so cheap just hang in there and wait for the guy who is going to come along and take you away from all of this.” How snide! Then he gave her a ticket. I’m certain I’d have been charged with assault and battery. Anyone disagree? This indifference towards my welfare is primarily because of my record. Racism might play a role, in fact I’m sure that it does. But the main thing that influences how people treat me is knowledge of my x-streetwalker status. That is one of the risks of having ex-hooker status. There is no such thing as an ex-hooker. Not even when you are the victim of a crime. You can see my reaction with absolutely no editing, that will be pretty obvious when you look at the brief snippet. This video clip is YouTube bound. You will get to see my progress as I become a regular Steven Spielberg from this phone video selfie starting point.

By Harvard elite Homeless in HI🏝

Harvard grad on Hawaii Streets Tells All About the Red Light District in Paradise.