The Final Word on Reviews, by the Respectable Ivy League x-streetwalker turned sex talker

Remember my bleach hurling neighbor from Memorial Day 2019? On Sunday July 7, 2019, my intuition told me to check her Facebook. On May 7, 2019 bleach lady posted my cat as a free orphan giveaway cat in need of a family. She had his pic bc he played with her cat during what I thought of as cat play dates. In fact, these cat interactions were opportunities for bleach lady to take pics and post them above untrue captions. Anyone can say anything online. So I got to thinking about reviews. Here’s how I woul do utilize reviews about providers if I was looking for companionship:

Instructions for Utilizing Provider Reviews for Guys Who Understand Statistics.

I could write a book about writing. Wait! That’s what I’m pretty much doing for people swayed by OPOp–Other People’s Opions, especially after the Bleach Lady’s online deception.

Always question the validity of anonymous reviews. People can use anonimity to give them courage to speak up. Or they can launch sneak attacks while cloaked in shadows. there is no getting around the fact that it is impossible to know with 100% certainty that the writer of a review is a legitimate experiencer of that which he or she is reviewing. Was the author the provider herself? Perhaps stirring up controversy by posing as different people with differing opinions. Was the review written by a star struck fan blinded by adoration? Or an enemy with a bottomless well of hate, blinded by venom? Maybe the reviews accurately reflect individualized experiences as written by people who interacted with provider. There are so few reviews a couple of positive or negative reviews can skew perceptions of readers unrealistically.
Question: How would I discern accuracy with only a small number of provider reviews?
I download apps that have tens of thousands of previous downloads and scores of reviews. I keep in mind that there are shills with fake praise and competitors with fake problems. I look for people with similar opinions, based on different, unique experiences. I steer clear of vague language that doesn’t explain why, exactly, the app is so great or horrible. Lastly, I look for comments about my particular interest, such as ease of set up or fast delivery time for orders.
Answer: I’d only consider specific reasons for opinions about characteristics that matter to me. If I couldn’t answer the question “why does reviewer feel this way?” –I’d find out about provider myself if I had enough interest to read reviews! Lol.

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