Its Easy For Men To Avoid Arrest for Prostitution. Here’s Why

The dreaded so-called “reverse sting”. Undercover cops aren’t trying to fool prostitutes by posing as potential customers. Instead, they are disguised as prostitutes. Their mission is to attack the demand part of the underground economy. In Honolulu the media did the totally unconstitutional misdeed of putting the mug shots of men who had been arrested but not yet convicted on the evening news. What a business killer!

I believe consenting adults should be able to interact with other consenting adults in whatever manner they choose. I support avoiding arrests for non-crimes. I will help society avoid wasting time and resources that could be better applied to keeping people safe, things like that. I will tell men the key to not getting arrested. Over the course of several blogs I will elaborate so you can fully get a sense of what the police are doing when their on a mission to target a certain population.

#1 Important Fact

The crime is in offering a specific item of value, not necessarily limited to cash for a specific sex act. Or agreeing to pay something of value to receive this sex act. It doesn’t matter if a guy makes the offer or agrees to something he is offered. A guy could be minding his own business when a woman comes out of nowhere and offers some sex act for an incredibly reasonable price. Wow, practically free! But not entirely free. It is legal to offer sex for free. But if a woman asks for $5, and mentions a specific sex act, watch out. There are no entrapment laws in Hawaii so a guy cannot argue that the situation was contrived and left alone, he wouldn’t have gotten in trouble. Too bad. You agreed to take her up on her offer. Or you made the offer. Do not offer to pay for sex. Do not agree to engage in sex with anyone for money.

You can make arrangements to spend time. You can agree to acting in a porn, simply pretending, but not paying for sex. The Truth is that providers know what time it is. As utterly ridiculous as it is to be unable to hammer out terms prior to meeting, you must accept that that conversation is unsafe. Contact someone or pick someone up in your car. You can ask, for example, is 666 (a random number, you pick your price) alright? Maybe it is, maybe she will suggest another number. Whatever. You take her to somewhere mutually agreed or you meet up with her at a designated spot. Then you proceed as if everything has been discussed. How bizarre! But you’ll easily spot someone who keeps trying to get you to say or text n agreement. Don’t do it! Follow this suggestion and you’ll avoid arrest, guys. As you should bc you’re not criminals.

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