Video of Hawaii Game Room (Reputed)

I discovered how hard it was to film reputed places of ill repute with this brief video of a possible game room site in non-picturesque Honolulu.

Prostitution and Sex Trafficking Aren’t the Same

Saying Prostitution=Sex Trafficking is like saying Dieting=Forced Starvation. I am all for women, or men utilizing their inborn entrepreneurial spirit to be sex workers if they choose. I do not support holding powerless people hostage to work as sex slaves for money they never get. It’s important to me that I go on the recordContinue reading “Prostitution and Sex Trafficking Aren’t the Same”

I Love the Police and All First Responders

Just bc I believe prostitution between consenting adults should be legal doesn’t mean I am anti law enforcement. The police are the only people I can call right now who will absolutely come when I call. Don’t anyone get me twisted. There are laws that are a waste of time. We incarcerated too many people.Continue reading “I Love the Police and All First Responders”

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