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Lying for Practice–How to Become the da Vinci of Deception w/ YouTube clip

if you view lying as an art form then you would want to practice to become a master craftsman, the da vinci of liars, so to speak. here’s how one person mastered his art.

I was with a friend and noticed the fast food take out bags that he had at his place. I remembered us speaking about his plans to stop to get something quick to eat.

you didn’t go to jack in the box, you went to mcdonald’s. why would you lie about something like that?

the confusion of a person who acts for the mutual benefit of participants

the artist must practice his craft.

the narcissism of someone who uses people as tools for his exclusive amusement

I came to understand the difference between people who lie and people who, at the core of their beings, are liars.

In the above YouTube clip you will find the accompanying clip. My goal is to have something to say face to face to go along with my written words. Day 1. Hey, if I don’t practice how can I improve?

To lie for the mere practice is to use people’s trust as a plaything for amusement or a tool for self-aggrandizement.

By Harvard elite Homeless in HI🏝

Harvard grad on Hawaii Streets Tells All About the Red Light District in Paradise.