YouTube Video: Yes, women are asking for it. Find out what “it” is in this post.

Cleavage interests men. The suggestion of a possibility of cleavage is enough to turn a man’s head. I think we women need to be realistic about what we can expect from men. No, a woman is never asking to be raped. Revealing clothes does not guarantee a consent to sex or even imply consent is possible. However, revealing clothes will draw attention. It is unfair of women to get angry, or say they are angry, when men look at their bodies. People always act like attention seeking is such a terrible sin. It’s alright to seek attention, everyone needs acknowledgment. Let’s be honest with ourselves when we are seeking attention. Let’s stop getting indignant over comments from strangers, because let us face it, men are going to say things and we can’t always expect a high standard of behavior from men when our breasts are highlighted. If our breasts are showcased, if the skirt is short, yes, we are asking for it—attention, that is. Not rape.

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3 thoughts on “YouTube Video: Yes, women are asking for it. Find out what “it” is in this post.

  1. Very true.But what about the comments a fully dressed woman covered from top to toe have to endure.Though I agree if little is left for imagination the comments will be more and many may actually dress to gain attention which as u mentioned is nothing wrong,but some may be dressing up to genuinely look pretty and comfortable and not looking for sleazy comments.appreciation is good but cheap comments should be prohibited.

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