“Rip Off Reports” About Providers Are Often Lies and NOT Helpful Info

“Rip Off Reports” About Providers Are Often Lies and NOT Helpful Info

“Rip Off Reports” are supposed to help guys protect each other but they are used as weapons to lie about providers guys want to damage. That totally sucks!


I was so proud of my moral growth. There was a time when I would never think of stealing, which changed to a phase when I stole at every opportunity, finally I discovered Karma was real and whenever I stole I would lose equal or greater than the amount I had pilfered. In the pursuit of applied self-interest, I stopped stealing and even repaid those I had wronged. What an unexpected thrill to see the look of suspicious surprise mingled with hope when I said:

Remember the money I borrowed from you 8 years ago? I didn’t want to repay you so I created a fight to justify not repaying you because of something you had done to me in anger. In truth I intentionally provoked you to maintain my self image as an honest person who refused to be bullied. I was manipulative, dishonest, and a mooch. I am sorry. I have your money.

Caroleena, after making enough money to repay street debts

It was a real bummer to find one of my enemies had invented yet another screen name and declared me a rip off, for no stated reason. I had no way of knowing if the next post thanking him for his “info” was him with yet another screen name giving his alter ego kudos for trashing me. Or someone he had duped into believing I was something I was not. I hated to think people could not see through him. I hated being so powerless over what others say and the power of those words to affect my life. How infuriating. Just one review from some senior site member that other members take seriously, and you can forget about making money for the foreseeable future.


It would be nice if saying this would cause unreasonably angry guys to think twice before setting out to destroy a woman, but they would not be unreasonable if logic worked on their minds! I fear that my words will prompt a jerk to pursue further jerk actions but that is one of the risks of unflinching honesty. For better or worse. Otherwise I am just trying to be manipulative again and writing for the sake of trying to get people to do or not do something instead of just telling it like it was.

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