Do Working Girls Care About Size?

Given the opportunity to ask a working girl a confidential question, what would it be?

Do you compare penis sizes?

It is impossible not to notice size. Ask any guy. Men are preoccupied with who has the biggest penis, the bigger the better. Guys don’t earn large penises, yet, a well endowed guy is proud of himself and the envy of his peers. Somehow, and I’m not sure how, guys see each other a lot, more than just in locker rooms. What do they do, frolic naked in front of each other? For a society that doesn’t encourage homosexuality, men sure do know a lot about the naked bodies of their peers.

Matters of size–Does Size Matter?

Professionals don’t think about penises the way I have heard most men discuss the issue . Working girls much prefer small penises. Larger size men hurt. And small penises are easier to handle. They do not cause pain and it is easier to, shall we say, manipulate the instrument in a variety of ways. The larger ones are simply unwieldy and downright uncomfortable in certain positions. With no emotional connection often working girls want to minimize the sensation of invasion specifically, and feel as little physical sensation as possible overall. Hence, the smaller the better.

The issue of size looms large for men but not women, professionals or not.

The main concern is how the guy treats the woman. Respect, kindness and honesty trump all physical attributes and deficits. Any guy with concerns about “measuring up” should focus his efforts in this arena.1

1Do Working Girls Care About Size?

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2 thoughts on “Do Working Girls Care About Size?

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    1. Hi George, you were wrongly placed in Spam folder. I am glad I thought to check do I could pull you out. Welcome! Caroleena Renee


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