When Men talk to each other about having sex with women it can be a scary event for me.

I was spending time with the guy who gave me the nickname “Harvard Hooker” whenever he used to mock me behind my back while smiling in my face. I don’t know what recent insults backstabbers like him are tossing around about me and I admit I am still spiritually unsophisticated do fake people still bother me. However, Matt has some interesting conversation and I like talking. I put aside my betrayal to get opinions that I can use in this here blog. My current fascination is how men talk about women to each other when no women are present. Matt was happy to give me a view into his all make world by physicslly acting out how he describes vigorous love making to other guys. He repeatedly and rapidly punched with a single fist in a downward drilling manner as if he was trying to beat up the ground. “I was giving it to her good. I was really nailing her. ” He saw I was appalled and assured me he was not acting out violence, “just f*****g. ” I do not think he was aware of the lop sided grin on his face as he imagined the “hammering,” as he put it. No, he didn’t represent all guys but I know a good number would relate to his representation of sex as a one sided beating. Suddenly, I saw past his unimposing physical presence to the violence within him. This short fat guy with hair plugs would likely hurt me with a smile if he could do it with impunity. I call him an associate because I cannot call him a friend, but in reality, he could very well be an enemy and I had best remember it always.

Published by Respectably Witty Harvard X-Hooker Advisor

Caroleena, ivy league educated X-Hooker in Honolulu, respectfully presents social commentary/wisdom based on experiences with humor for everyday people

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