Harsh criticism is always jarring but I can imagine what I would have said a quarter century ago, and I know I would have been meaner

Harsh criticism is always jarring but I can imagine what I would have said a quarter century ago, and I know I would have been meaner

prostitutes are a problem even when we don’t caught

I got some way harsh feedback when I shared posts to Facebook. A lot of the response was unintelligible to me. Usually I dismiss something that is not well written by conventional standards. But I read and re-read the response and I learned things I didn’t know. The writer pointed out that people like me leave destruction in our wake everywhere we go and are detrimental to the lives of all people we contact, no matter how peripherally. The only way we can pretend to not damage people is when we do not get caught. As long as we are sneaky and our actions are secret, we can lie to ourselves. Wow, that was deep, and that was true. However, I would say that prostitutes can form an outlet for men to have meaningless sex that does not threaten their marriages. I believe that what is good for the goose is good for the gander and women should be able to have their share of meaningless sex. In truth, women do not ordinarily want sex without emotion and are seldom capable of keeping emotion out unless their is money involved because money is a psychological cue to tell the subconscious that this is just a job. Men are capable of meaningless sex and they always desire it, even if they do not indulge. In my opinion, “don’t ask don’t tell” is a policy that can save a marriage as long as both parties are clear about keeping their commitment to each other. Everyone can structure their marriage according to their understanding of what it means to “forsake all others.” Just because society says you have to be with this one person and only this one person until one of you is dead, does not mean couples have to toe the conventional line. If two people make their own rules and those rules are obeyed, then it is not cheating, as far as I am concerned. Am I justifying my behavior? Yes. In my opinion, the justification is valid. I do not think prostitution is wrong, as long as it is voluntary, because remember, sex trafficking and pimping is not the same as being an independent working girl. But I want you to know someting:

it must be said

I do not advocate prostitution as an enjoyable way to make a living. It is not fun to have sex with strange men who may not be serious about bathing. It is easy, certainly easier than food service, on your feet for eight hours in a restaurant. The practice can reinforce any laziness you have within, and you might begin to forget what it means to struggle for something and finally achieve that goal. Prostitution can solidify your anti social tendencies that cause you to reject what the masses value. Prostitution can really drive down that root of bitterness toward men (people you need but don’t want). You must live in the shadows, always presenting yourself as if you are something that you aren’t, and if lying bothers you, prostitution may not be for you.

even prostitution has a plus side

It is always good to have a way to make a living if times get desperate and society as we know it falls apart. Imagine how people in Europe felt during World War II? Life as they knew it was over and I am quite sure people did whatever they had to do to survive. I am glad I have hard core survival skills should the need arise. But there are positives that are not desperation based. Meeting different people is absolutely fascinating. Someone once said to me, “you must not get a high class of guy coming downtown looking for a hooker,” and I had to correct him. Men from all walks of life provide experiences you would not have had otherwise. Flying with a stunt pilot. Shark cage diving. Parasailing. Interisland trips. Exclusive hotels to the worst housing projects like Kuhio Park Terrace were all unanticipated adventures that made each day exciting. I loved hearing life stories and men love talking about themselves. If it weren’t for having to have sex, I would have really enjoyed prostitution.

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