The reason I am grateful and mystified that anyone reads my blog is, had I not gone down this path, I would never have thought an x-streetwalker would have anything to say that would enlighten me. I would have dismissed such a person so quickly I wouldn’t have noticed I was doing it. I would have remained completely judgmental and unsympathetic bc I would not have had the need to extend understanding. However, after finding myself needing to receive understanding, I am open to learning about people I would have written off. For one example, how does a rapist, or should I say someone who has committed rape, come to exist? What is it like to struggle with the violence within one’s self towards the opposite sex–if there is a struggle. I would notify have sought such answers and since I had no questions I would’ve imagined myself enlightened. No, I would never have read my blog, back in the days before blogs existed. I am touched that you do read my words. You’ve reached the end of this long passage of after all!.

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The story, full of wit and wisdom: Harvard➡Homeless➡Heroin➡Happiness. Past degradation➡present edification.

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    1. it’s funny, usually i have a well defined purpose for whatever i do, but with these stories i am just telling them because they are there and kind of letting readers do with them what they will. as if my having a purpose would drive people’s reception of the stories…now there’s a point to ponder. but anyway, i am thrilled that you got something out of what i have written and i am driven to try to emulate your success. in particular, i am reading your pointers about community building because that is not my strength but i am sure with some instruction, it could be.

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