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Baby Mama and Baby Daddy are titles that show the sad state of society in many ways

The terms “baby mama” and “baby daddy” aren’t just bad grammatically but show a distressing acceptance of impermanent sexual unions that produce children.

First of all, the bad grammar makes me crazy. We know the word should be “Baby’s,” yes? We don’t care about grammar. We don’t care about commitment either. Gone are the days when the person you had a child with was your spouse. And does that change make us more progressive? Do children fare better when parents aren’t committed? No, especially damaging is the unstable financial foundation. Whenever society moves away from tradition, the outcomes will show why people in bygone times did what they did. Staying together for the kids is far from perfect, but it is a valid option if domestic violence is not an issue. Remember, my opinion if prostitution is that it can be a tool to keep couples together bc guys don’t have to break up the family to obtain sexual satisfaction. I am pro family, and the only thing new about my ideas is that I can say I have witnessed men maintain commitments to wife and kids, while pursuing discreet (discretion is essential) sexual encounters outside of the realm of their highest priorities.

By Harvard elite Homeless in HI🏝

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