From the Cleavage Diaries: A Football Hero? We have heard that phrase for years but I’ve never heard this question–

Why are the words “football” and “hero” paired? Why not fireman and hero or police officer and hero, or advocate and hero? There must be some sort of anniversary with the Simpson case because it is back in the news. For the first time I am questioning an assumption I never questioned before. How else am I brainwashed? And do I really want to know, or should I leave my assumptions alone and stop making it harder to live inside my head than it already is.

Cleavage Diaries

Cleavage Diaries– My brief thoughts and musings that are either totally irrelevant or society changing, accompanied by pictures I am trying out to see which will work in a logo.

Published by Respectably Witty Harvard X-Hooker Advisor

Caroleena, ivy league educated X-Hooker in Honolulu, respectfully presents social commentary/wisdom based on experiences with humor for everyday people

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