Jerry Springer Today–You won’t believe it, or perhaps you will

Daytime Judge Shows Like Judge Judy Have Company

Jerry Springer was in politics before he became world famous. I won’t go into details that will require research I don’t want to do right now. Suffice it to say, there was some adultery, young females, and a disgraceful exit from public office. Then, as we all know, he grasped the disgrace and made it work for him in a way that the public embraced. He never mentioned his past, now that I think of it, but it seemed to inform everything he did with that outrageous show, which is still in syndication, making him money. And now, he is a judge on daytime television–Judge Jerry. If he hadn’t already done the outrageous I would not believe it but he is a hero of mine because I so very much want to do what he has done. (Parenthetically, I believe his parents were Holocaust survivors, so there’s a lot of strength in his lineage. I’ll find a way to figure out how my own ancestry from state mental hospitals can benefit me–but I digress).


Judge Caroleena Renee..? I can see it. And if you can see it you can be it according to those inspiring sayings that are supposed to motivate you to do…? They never say what you should do to get you where you want to go but they make you happy thinking about the possibility of getting there and I guess that’s something, so yes, I can be it! Don’t know how I will get to be Judge Expert Escort, but remember, you read it here first! Good thing they lightened up on the morals clause!

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