Any Woman Who Does THIS deserves to be lied to by her man

Stop Making men Right

Women demand the truth. He tells her the truth. She loses her mind. He logically vows to protect her from painful facts.

Same story, different people, different days.

If you punish a man for telling you the truth you deserve the lies. And you guarantee his future dishonesty

Published by Respectably Witty Harvard X-Hooker Advisor

Harvard X-Hooker in Hawaii Tells all about addiction driven secret street sex in paradise that's surprisingly funny.

4 thoughts on “Any Woman Who Does THIS deserves to be lied to by her man

  1. I haven’t met a woman who could handle the truth and if you tell them the truth they lose respect…

    I believe people don’t know what they really want bc they don’t pay attention to how they feel after getting their way.


    1. Too often true. I vowed never to punish someone for telling me the truth I demanded to hear but it’s an effort, I admit, to deny my first nature


  2. I myself have demanded the truth, only to be desperately unhappy once I received exactly what I said I wanted. I even went so far as to say”all I want is the truth.” The far more legitimate truth was that I wanted someone to tell me that the truth (as in, he doesn’t love me), that painful truth, is untrue. Moreover, another amusing observation of my former demands is that I already knew the answers I claimed to seek

    My demands for the truth revealed an inability to be honest with myself.


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