Alcoholism –A New Lesson You’ve Never Heard that’ll Amaze You

Alcoholism and Suffering

I have experience being around people who are under the influence of: alcohol, pills, heroin, crack cocaine, and Crystal meth. Alcoholism seems different than addiction to the other drugs. With other drugs the user becomes increasingly self involved and focussed on the drug. As they say in NA, “getting using, and finding ways and means to get more.” Alcohol is the only drug that causes the user to focus outward on other people, and this focus is always destructively hurtful. The words they say that are cruel beyond what’s easily imaginable. Other people’s drinking is just a nightmare. I finally understand why adult children of alcoholics need a group.

There’s no break with slcoholics

Also there is no reprieve with alcohol. It’s not like things are fine once the alcoholic gets what they need. With other drugs the situation can temporarily calm. Not with alcoholics. When the person starts drinking things are even worse, but they were pretty bad when the person was jonesing for a drink. And of course coming down off of alcohol is another set of difficulties. So there’s just no break from the alcoholic, basically f*****g with you. People say it’s not me, it’s the alcohol talking, when confronted with the hateful words they said that expressed the hateful feelings they evidently had all along, but to me, unless the alcoholic was speaking in a foreign language unknown to the alcoholic, he knew what he was saying and he got the thoughts from within himself.

You know I learn as I write. As I write this blog post it came to me that only in alcoholism is the physical/emotional abuse a primary activity and not a side effect of putting the substance first.

I’m not saying sny drug is better or worse, I’m talking about living with the addicted person.

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