Breasts and Beauty Accompany an Idea: Felony Murder–is this (sometimes) used as a tricky way to get cops off the hook for shooting someone

Felony Murder Defined

Felony Murder is not usually called that in the law, but is classified as a form of 1st Degree Murder, that is, murder that is premeditated or planned. Felony Murder occurs when someone commits a felony that is dangerous and someone gets killed during the commission of the felony. so If you are involved in doing something seriously illegal and dangerous and someone gets killed, you could be charged with murder. It does not matter if you meant to kill anyone or if you were the least involved in the activities our of a group committing a crime. For example, If you were the lookout during a bank robbery, and your partner in crime shoots the bank teller, you can be charged with felony murder.

Felony Murder Covers the Police

If you are involved in a crime and the police shoot and kill someone when they are called to the scene of the crime, you would be charged with the murder. It’s assumed that you should know that doing something this dangerous could result in a violent death and although murder was not on your mind, it really should have been. But in my cynical mind, I wonder if this charge is a way to get cops off the hook. Maybe an officer should not have taken the shot. As long as someone is charged with the murder and there is a notion that someone is held responsible for that death, maybe people don’t look too closely at the actions of the officer. Now I want to be clear that this post is not ripped from the headlines. I do not have a particular incident in mind. This is just a random thought that I want to record for all of posterity.

Beauty and Bare Breasts
Yes, I am Cynical, but I am not closed minded. Tell me what you think and I will take it into consideration.

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