The 3Some Betrayal, Two Against One–Guess Who the Odd (Wo)Man Out Was…


People like to triangulate. Someone from a wealthy family told me they taught her that term at her pricey rehab. Me and you unite against him, her, or them. Alliances can be rigid if relationship roles are firmly established or fluid if people have to constantly switch allegiances depending on the situation. But what never changes is the spirit of opposition. Do you find yourself listening to people badmouth whoever leaves the room as if everyone has to be “it.”

The threesome couple, Joe and Josie, they had a tight alliance. I found that out a few weeks after I had visited them. I had overindulged in some substance that (apparently) effected me in such a way that I remember arriving at the place the business owner was renting to them illegally, but I don’t remember what happened, or even leaving. I was not even aware that I was unaware until Josie told me a story.

Joe called me at work and told me he had a surprise for me. When I got home I found you in the living room totally naked, sleeping on the couch. He said I could do whatever I wanted. What? He made sure your legs were crossed!

Josie, the female part of the threesome couple, establishing her bond with Joe

I was too surprised to launch into my usual volley of questions. I do remember that block of time that I don’t remember. I wasn’t sure she was telling the truth until she repeated the story in front of him. He made no comment, no denials, in spite of my assertion that this was rapist type behavior. Obviously, Josie wanted to claim her man, who I did not want anyway. She was definitely successful in making sure I never want to touch him again. Can’t say that she cured him of his one sided constant pursuit of me and any other woman he can talk to, which was the thing she most cared about. I guess I gained a great story of betrayal, but this is only the secondary betrayal, you have to hear the worst of it.

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