Are You Really A Boy?

“With your pretty face and bangin’ body, you’d be perfect if you had a really big, black d***, ” I’ve been secretly told by many guys in Honolulu Hawaii. The ideal sex object for a large number of men is a beautiful woman, who’s a woman in all but one sizable way. If you’re a guy and worry that you are abnormal for desiring the secret taboo, you’re not.

“What are you, a boy?” I was asked hundreds of timed over the years on the streets of downtown Honolulu. Guys didn’t just ask me if I was a boy bc I was walking the same streets as mahus. Naturally they thought i might be a boy. But the bigger truth was that many guys hoped I was a boy. They weren’t trying to offend me, but in New York being asked “are you a boy or a girl was an insult.” Learning not to be offended came gradually as I grew accustomed to the more permissive rules regarding the gender one chose to express in Hawaii.

Published by Respectably Witty Harvard X-Hooker Advisor

Harvard X-Hooker in Hawaii Tells all about addiction driven secret street sex in paradise that's surprisingly funny.

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