Do I need to Hide Behind a Mask bc I have questions about transgenderism?

I am uneasy about transgenderism but I can’t ask questions for fear of being branded a bigot. I wear a mask of acceptance but I don’t fully understand and I can’t get schooled

Sexual Taboos Not Ok

My standard for acceptable behavior is the action must not hurt anyone else. By my own standard, discussing the secret things people like and do should be ok. Even the not so secret things should be totally cool with me. However…

I Admit, honestly, some things make me uncomfortable.

The Taboo of Having Prejudices

A prejudice is simply a judgement before having all the information, making up ones mind based upon notions, not info. I’m told I am uncomfortable bc of the unknown. Ok, school me! Today, everyone is so touchy. It’s not ok to even ask why. If you express curiosity, you’re branded a bigot and shouted down, angrily. For example, I wonder if there have always been people uncomfortable with their own gender? I never had this issue (I have plenty of others) so it seems like a new idea to me. I wonder why it’s ok to say I feel like I’m really a male, though I’m not, but it’s not ok to feel like I’m really a cat, though I’m not. If I felt like a male and wanted to use the men’s room, people, some, would insist I be heard. What if I said I wanted an accessible litter box? Would I receive the same support if I was transspecies as I would if I was transgender? I’m not being sarcastic, I think it’s a legit comparison. But I bet I’d make enemies and no one would truly want to discuss my questions. In this way, liberals become what they hate–intractably right about everything. They become the monsters they’ve fought, just like the philosopher Nietzsche warned.

The truth is that transgenderism is new to me and seems a bit odd. I face more discrimination as a black woman with a felony and a prostitution history than most Americans know exists. I know bigotry. I’m not a bigot. I just have questions. I wish we really had freedom of speech so I could ask

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