Guys, If You Want All the Time With a Provider You Paid For, Do This (See Picture at Bottom of Post)

Secret Provider Strategies During a Date


Guys, you paid the woman money for her time and you want all the time you have got coming to you. I am going to tell you one way providers spend time that some of you might enjoy, but some of you might find to be a waste of time. With the information below you will know better what is happening during your session so you can decide how you want to proceed.

I have written that women do not become sex workers for the sex. She might get lucky and meet good people to enjoy, but for the most part, providers try to avoid sex. Specifically, many providers do not want to be touched. Way too intrusive. Providing a sensual shower is a great tactic that’s a potential win-win even though it may be a bit of a rip off. A win for the woman because she is in control. S win for the guy who enjoys the shower no matter what motivates the provider. But if you’re a guy who is simply waiting for the shower to end, here’s what you do.

Shower Pros and Cons

In the beginning of the rendezvous, some providers offer the option of showering alone or with her assistance. She washes him and maintains control over the touching. There’s no sex in the shower and less time for sex after. The men usually enjoy the shower and either don’t know it’s an intimacy avoidant maneuver, or they don’t care. However, if you’re a guy who thinks too much of your allotted time is spent in the shower, you may be right. Politely ask to skip or reduce the shower time and you’ll be accommodated. One benefit of the shower a guy may not consider is that a guy can feel more confident when he knows he is not all sweaty. A confident guy performs better. A guy’s best bet: a quick but thorough full body soaping. Of course, its a guy’s prerogative to shower or not. Since the guy has the power, physically, one on one with a woman, be gracious about what you want. You’re more likely to get her approval if you play nicely.

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