T.I. Checks His Daughter For A Virginity Status Update But I Bet He Didn’t Consider His REAL Worry


The news that pop music rapper T. I. has bought into the myth that a doctor can “check” virginity has caused a controversy. After President Nixon had his people commit a burglary in a building called the Watergate, “gate” is attached to any controversial term. Hence Hyman-gate, for all of you too young to know about Watergate. I’m too young to have lived through Watergate, but as a child in the 1980’s Watergate still loomed large in the country’s newly jaded psyche. Hymen-gate, the newest hymen related controversy. Why a new story? These “checks” have been happening for thousands of years. I read Diana had to pass this test before she could become Princess by marrying prince Charles. What’s more absurd than the inability of a torn hymen to reflect sexual history is that T.I. is probably just as worried that his baby girl is doing lots of sexual stuff that leaves no Hymen evidence. What’s he going to do about that? Secret cameras that function through her phone without her knowing it…? He could install such an app since he surely has access to her phone. He could commission a techie to make an app that doesn’t alert the user. Yep, that’s the way to make the violation truly effective rather than a useless physical check that doesn’t tell a person anything.

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