Here is one sure way to know you’re an addict

I loved dope to an extent that surprised me. My strongest love was really idolatry, worshipping a thing more than a human to the point it became my God, God with a lower case “g.”

When a person is deprived of everything you know, love, like, even dislike, what’s most mportant becomes obvious because obsessive thoughts about priorities automatically invade your waking and sleeping hours. True story. When I went to jail, do you know what I desperately missed? If course everyone longs for food and dreams of food. Other than food, I was amazed to find could not think of anyone. I missed the drug, my drug. I dreamed of it, frustrating dreams of food and dope I could never get my hands on before I woke. I fantasized about dope, tried unsuccessfully to rid myself if the unrequited desire, but it owned my mind in spite of my inability to get anything on the inside. I never even thought to make a call. There was no one I cared about. The drug doesn’t answer the phone📳

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