AIDS Taught Lessons We Shouldn’t Forget in This Virus Age. Link to Gaurdian Article

Read the link and then I will tell you the beginning of the public story of AIDS

Advice From the World’s Oldest Living Man–Posthumous, Ironically

Advice on how to live long from a 100+ year old man does not square with my ways. Here’s what I need to change to be an old X-Hooker.

If Your Man is Addicted, or Really Into, Porn, Try Tactics on This List

X-Hooker Life Hack #52:

A Threesome with Two Guys is Different Than Two Women

Threesomes with two guys can be different than two women but still guys rule

Coronavirus is hobbling factories in Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar — Quartz–This article makes me think of the impact of our addictions

We think we are in life alone but maybe we all matter in ways we cannot imagine.

Hooker/Trick Turned Girlfriend/Boyfriend and My Exclusive Knowledge Explains How

My secret knowledge about relationships is my gift to you in this article explaining how prostitutes and clients develop bonds

The only way for most of us to possess land in Honolulu has unfortunate timing. Unless we can be ghosts… sobriety in the midst of inequality not necessarily tempting

To possess land in Honolulu, most of us will have to die first. Sobriety in poverty is reality and not necessarily tempting.

Original Happiness Lessons From One Who Seldom Hears Anything New

I am a knowledgeable person with some unique how to be happy lessons to share

If Men Knew How They Looked Holding a Tiny Kitten…

How can men use cats to make themselves sexually appealing to women?

My Threesome (3Some) Error

Even though I was engaged in Non-traditional sex, I had to be on the lookout for biases, assumptions, and other forms of mental rigidity. Threesome participation does not guarantee an open mind.

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